10 Creative Christmas Centerpieces to Spruce Up Your Holiday Table

The holiday dinner table is a special place for friends and family to gather. If you're anything like us, you know that the best complement to a mouthwatering holiday meal is a beautiful, handcrafted Christmas centerpiece. We're talking DIY ornaments, twinkling lights and handmade wonders. Pull out your craft box, because here are our 10 favorite ways to decorate a tabletop for the holidays.

glass jar filled with gingerbread trees and reindeer propped up in a bedding of sugar

Gingerbread Man Snow Globe

Create your own winter wonderland with this sweet centerpiece. Simply fill the base of a large jar with sugar and place your gingerbread family inside. The best part is-you can eat it for dessert!

Check out our 15 best gingerbread men cookies to find inspiration for your own gingerbread tribe.

Multiple paper snowflakes of varying sizes and cuts taped to a blue table

Paper Snowflake Runner

This project is perfect for crafting with the little ones. Have everyone in the crew cut their own unique snowflakes out of white paper. After creating a dozen or so, tape them together to span the length of the table.

While you’re in the spirit, the kiddos can decorate these colorful cutout cookies.

Coaster with a deer head design stamped into it placed inside of a canning lid

Cork Coasters

We love how placing cork inside a canning lid gives these coasters a farmhouse feel. To decorate, simply stamp with the design of your choice. These fun and functional drink holders are the perfect place for Santa’s milk or Mom’s mulled wine.

Looking for party-making holiday drinks? Look no further.

Two cake trays stacked similar to a staircase and decorated with red ribbon on the sides and a grey and white polka dot pattern on the inside. Chocolate cupcakes are scattered across each level

Holiday Treat Tower

Although a tower of treats may be too tempting to leave out during dinner, this centerpiece is perfect for dessert or potluck buffets. Simply stack cake trays, tack on some ribbon and layer with goodies.

Need a little inspiration? Here’s a list of our favorite Christmas treats.

Three corked, green tinted wine bottles sit on a shelf. Each is filled with a small string of lights that create abstract light patterns

Lighted Wine Bottles

Want to add a romantic flair to the holiday feast? Grab a strand of battery-powered twinkle lights and thread them into an empty wine bottle. Dimming the overhead lights gives the room even more dramatic ambiance.

Go all out with these wow-worthy Christmas dinner ideas.

Rectangle sugar cookie decorated with white icing and pink letters that spell out Katie. It rests against a white and pink tea cup on several similarly colored plates

Cookie Place Cards

Hosting a crowd? Surprise guests with these personalized cookie place cards. It’s as easy as whipping up a batch of sugar cookies and decorating each with a name. Folks will be delighted by this pre-meal treat, and trust us-no one actually frowns upon dessert before dinner.

Here are 6 tips for decorating Christmas cookies to help get you started.

Two folded cloth napkins sit side-by-side on a plate. Each has the outline of a holly leaf stitched into it

Stitched Napkins

Use a few beads and a spool of colored thread to dress up plain napkins in a snap. And after you’ve added the festive touch to your dinnertime dabbing-cloths, here are some creative ways to fold them.

A glass display with two circular levels sports multiple oranges of varying sizes. Each orange is studded with multiple cloves forming lines from the top to bottom

Clove-Studded Oranges

Pomanders have served as holiday home decor since the 15th century. The wonderful scent of this fruit lets you know the holidays are here. To make them, pierce whole cloves into fresh oranges. For an extra special touch, add ribbon to the display.

Explore more time-honored holiday traditions here.

Two tree decorations dominate a green, pink and white table display. Both are constructed from layers of cupcake liners with different patterns and slightly different colors

Cupcake Liner Tree

For a more whimsical centerpiece, these cheerful trees have you covered. Shape card stock into a cone to create a tree-shaped base. Cut the crinkled edges from patterned cupcake liners and paste in an alternating pattern around the tree.

Surround your fantastical display with these snowman-inspired sweets.

Wine corks are arranged into a tree and glued into a new wine bottle with a red striped ribbon as decoration

Wine Cork Tree

Have leftover corks from a holiday bash? Create these simple ornaments using hot glue, ribbon and a knife. Cut corks to the desired length for each row, then use hot glue to hold them together. When finished, hang these beauties from a centerpiece, wine bottle or tree!

For more ornament inspiration, check out our top 10 edible ornaments.

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