6,000+ Pounds of Ground Beef Have Been Recalled

This recall has affected 6,020 pounds of beef. Here’s how to find out if yours was affected.

After a recall of more than 35,000 pounds of meat, another ground beef recall has been announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. But this one is much smaller. This time it’s centered in St. Petersburg, Florida, so if you’re located in the area, check your ground beef as soon as possible.

What beef is included in the Florida recall?

On July 18, 2018, Win Opportunity Knocks (who does business with Ottomanelli Wholesale Meats Inc.) recalled 6,020 pounds of fresh and frozen ground beef products. These products have been contaminated with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli. Any products produced between June 18, 2018, to July 11, 2018 should not be consumed.

Which products are specifically affected?

Check to see if you have one of the following products:

  • 5-lb boxes of (20/4oz.) frozen, raw “Packers Plus Patties” with  “Approved JUN 18 2018” through “Approved JUL 11 2018”
  • 10-lb. boxes of (8-oz.) frozen, raw “Debren Foods Inc. BEEF PATTIES” with “Approved JUN 18 2018” through “Approved JUL 11 2018”
  • 10-lb. boxes of (40/4-oz.) frozen, raw “Nu Vista Foods Group Inc. BEEF PATTIES” with “Approved JUN 18 2018” through “Approved JUL 11 2018”
  • 10-lb. boxes of (40/4-oz, 30/5-oz, 28/6-oz) of frozen, raw “Ottomanelli Beef Patties” with  “Approved JUN 18 2018” through “Approved JUL 11 2018”
  • 10 lb. bulk bag of fresh raw “Beef Patty Mix Ottomanelli Wholesale Meats Inc.” with “Approved JUN 18 2018” through “Approved JUL 11 2018”

The establishment number for each product would read “EST. 11167” inside the USDA’s inspection mark.

I live in the St. Petersburg area and have one of the products! What do I do with it?

The FDA recommends that you either throw away or return the meat to the place of purchase immediately. Do not consume, serve, or sell this product!

What’s E. coli, again?

Escherichia coli is a bacteria found in the environment, foods, and the intestines of people and animals. There are numerous types of E. coli (like the ones inside of us) that are essentially harmless. However, when E. coli produces the toxin Shiga, things get dangerous pretty quickly. Shiga toxins (aka STECs) come from contaminated water or food, typically from contact with animals or other humans, and some types can cause severe symptoms. Please call your doctor if you believe you may be ill, and make sure to stay hydrated.

How to protect your family from E. coli

Since it’s impossible to predict the next food recall will be about, it’s always smart to keep up good food safety habits at home. Wash fresh vegetables properly, cook foods thoroughly, and make sure your family practices good hand-washing habits, and you’ll be well on your way.

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