7 Incredible Egg Hacks

If making breakfast is always a scramble, use these egg hacks to keep it simple and delicious. Using everything from mason jars to funnels, these tricks will make your morning—and anytime—a breeze.

Washing fresh eggsPhoto: Shutterstock / Tomophafan
Photo: Shutterstock / Tomophafan

Amidst packing lunches, sending my kids off to school and tackling everything else that gets thrown my way, my mornings can be really hectic—so I’m always looking for ways to make life easier. Enter these game-changing egg hacks for breakfast and beyond.

1. Make a Shape

Making breakfast sandwiches at home is easy with the mason jar lid hack. Heat up a pan spritzed with a little nonstick spray, place a clean mason jar band (the ring part of the lid) in the pan, and then crack an egg into the center. You’ll get a perfectly round cooked egg for that English muffin. Try it with cookie cutters, too!

2. Fish Out an Eggshell

An eggshell in the skillet can happen to the best of us. Get it out by scooping it with another piece of the shell or by dabbing it with a little piece of bread. It’s weird, but it works! (Avoid the situation entirely by cracking eggs into a separate bowl rather than into the bowl or pan you’re mixing or cooking in.)

3. Separate the Yolk From the White

No separator? Use a small funnel. Holding the funnel over a bowl, crack an egg into it. The yolk will remain in the wide part of the funnel but the white will stream through. (Psst: Extra egg yolks? If breakfast today was an egg white omelet, use the yolks to make your own mayo.)

4. Peel a Hard-cooked Egg

I make a batch of these every week for salads, breakfasts or a quick snack. For a lot of people, peeling is the toughest part. After cooling the eggs in an ice bath, put them in a saucepan large enough for them to move around in. Shake the pan vigorously from side to side until the eggs are all well-cracked. The shells peel right off! Have some spare hard-cooked eggs? Make these Mexican Deviled Eggs.

5. Test the Freshness

Make sure you’re eating a good egg! You can check the stamp on the side of the carton, or you can put the egg to the test. Fill a bowl with cold water and carefully add an egg. If it floats to the top, toss it, because it’s likely past its prime. If it sinks to the bottom or close to it, you’re good to go!

6. Get Perfect Slices

Add protein to a lunch salad with one of those hard-cooked eggs you made. To get a perfect, clean cut, spray a knife with a little cooking spray. It will glide through easily. Works with an egg slicer, too.

7. Freeze Them for Later

If your grocery store is having a big sale on eggs, stock up because—guess what!—they freeze well. (Keep in mind that you do have to separate them first, but now you know how to do that.) Freeze egg whites in ice cube trays, then transfer to zip-top freezer bags. Egg yolks are a little trickier. Think about whether you want to use them in a sweet or a savory recipe. For four egg yolks, mix in 1-1/2 teaspoon sugar or 1/8 teaspoon salt. Be sure to note sweet or savory on the freezer bag.

There you have it: seven easy ways to make your morning—or any egg time—smoother. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even have time for a second cup of coffee.

Angela LeMoine is a frequent recipe contributor to Taste of Home. You can see more of her recipes at LeMoine Family Kitchen.

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