This Air-Fryer Grill Insert Is Ideal for Barbecuing Indoors

Home chefs love this air-fryer grill pan that transforms their favorite kitchen appliance into an indoor barbecue.

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To have an air fryer is to love an air fryer. Not only can you cook up food to crispy perfection with less oil—gotta love saving all those calories!—but you can roast, bake, broil and reheat, too. And thanks to this wildly popular air-fryer grill pan accessory, now you can grill.

You might love your outdoor grill in the warm weather for cooking up all kinds of meat, fish and veggies. But now that the cold weather is here for many of us, al fresco meal prep must come indoors. However, you can still grill to your heart’s content right inside your kitchen with this air-fryer grill pan.

If you love discovering new air-fryer recipes and all the different types of food you can make in an air fryer, you will love this handy accessory that is nabbing rave reviews from happy home chefs everywhere.

What is an air-fryer grill pan?

This air-fryer grill pan is a two-piece set with a perforated grill pan and a solid tray made from alloy steel with a nonstick coating. You can use them separately or as a pair, and they fit right on top of the baking tray that comes with the Instant Pot Vortex air fryer.

If you have an air fryer made by another brand, just make sure to measure it before purchasing the grill pan (or any other air-fryer accessories) to make sure it fits. This air-fryer grill insert measures 8×8 inches and will fit most 6-quart and 10-quart air fryers.

How to Use an Air-Fryer Grill Pan

The perforations in this air-fryer grill pan elevate food to allow for better airflow and even cooking. Just load up the perforated pan with whatever you’re grilling—everything from kabobs to crispy bacon to garlicky steak—set it to the appropriate temperature, and let it do its thing. Want to sear your protein instead? Use the solid tray to get a beautiful crust. Or, cook with the pans as a pair, and let the flat pan serves as a convenient drip tray.

Whichever way you decide to use this dynamic duo, you’ll get a perfectly cooked main or side dish without the hassle of firing up a barbecue grill in the winter. You could even use the air-fryer grill set in a conventional oven up to 450℉.

Plus, cleaning up the grill pan is easy. No need to scrub down all of those grates! Just hand wash both parts in some warm soapy water, and you’re good to go for next time.

We also love to give this air-fryer grill pan as a gift. It’s the perfect present for air-fryer lovers whether it’s given alone or as a bundle with this oil spray bottle and magnetic air-fryer cheat sheet.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

If you thought people were already in love with their air fryers, wait until you see what some have to say about this air-fryer grill pan.

“This is a great little grill pan,” said Holly J S. “Easy to clean and fits a good sized steak, or two chicken breasts or pork chops.”

5-star reviewer, Kathy Sanford, shares: “This is perfect for cooking so many items in my air fryer. Chicken, beef, salmon and bagels. Easy clean up. Very sturdy. I have given several as gifts.”

While this air-fryer grill pan is made to be used with the Instant Pot Vortex, its 8×8-inch design does fit in quite nicely with various brands of 6- and 10-quart air fryers, too. Several reviewers mention that it fits in the Ninja Foodi Grill and Emeril Lagasse 360 Air Fryer, among others. Speaking of brands, these are the best Ninja air-fryer accessories.

Where to Buy an Air-Fryer Grill Pan

Instant Pot Air Fryer Grill Pan Insertvia merchant

The air-fryer grill pan is available at Amazon, Walmart and Kohl’s for under $20. Pick it up today for effortless grilling all season long. And don’t forget the air-fryer liners for easy cleanup!

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