This Couple Loves Aldi SO MUCH, It’s Where They Took Engagement Photos

We thought we were Aldi fans, but this couple showed us what it really means to be in love.

Aldi engagement couple in front of Aldi carrying groceriesCourtesy Kristie Lea Photography

Forget sunset beaches or European vacations. For one happy couple, romance was a lot closer to home. Patrick Murphy popped the question to his girlfriend, Dawn Glass, at the Aldi in Christiansburg, Virginia!

Why Did Patrick Propose at Aldi?

Patrick proposing in front of Aldi storeCourtesy Kristie Lea Photography

The couple are self-proclaimed “Aldi nerds,” so we can’t imagine a better place for them to share their love. (And we’re guessing this also means that they know quite a few Aldi secrets.)

Naturally, Aldi knew about Patrick’s plan to propose and added their own bubbly surprise. To celebrate, Aldi treated the couple to an engagement photo shoot—with the grocery store making a charming backdrop—plus a bottle of sparkling wine. You can tell Dawn is delighted as Patrick gets down on one knee—yes, she’s thrilled to be engaged, but maybe she also heard about the brand-new sparkling margaritas.

Patrick and Dawn aren’t the first couple to get their fairy tale ending at the grocery store. In 2019, Hannah Schneider asked Aldi headquarters if they would tweet congratulations to her and fiancé Nathan Pearman on their wedding day. She knew it would be special for Nathan, who is a big fan of the supermarket chain (we’re guessing it has something to do with their year-round Girl Scout cookies). Aldi decided a tweet wasn’t enough, and threw an engagement photo session at the Alabama couple’s local store.

Surprised? Here’s why so many people are Aldi superfans.

Cheers to the Happy Couple!

Aldi couple hugging in front of storeCourtesy Kristie Lea Photography

Though no wedding date has been announced, we bet their walk down the aisle (pun intended) will be memorable. Maybe Aldi will offer to cater the nuptials with some of their summer Aldi finds!

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