Here’s What You Need to Know About Aldi Savers Tags for Your Next Shopping Trip

This guide will help you find regular, seasonal and hot items the next time you're at Aldi.

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There’s so much to love about Aldi. Between the amazing prices, fresh produce and killer finds (like all this stuff we’ll be looking for in July), we can’t stop going back! Not only that, but they now offer a grocery delivery service, and they’re opening up 100 more stores in 2021.

But do you know the deal with Aldi’s price tags? Look through our handy guide to the color-coded tags to make your next Aldi trip as easy as pie.

What Does Each Tag Mean?

Each Aldi price tag has its own color scheme and meaning, and things can get confusing. This list should make it simple!

  • Yellow sign with black print: This is an Aldi regular. The items will be in-store year-round and are restocked consistently.
  • White sign with red print: Aldi Finds! These are items that are only at Aldi for a limited time, so stock up when you see them. Depending on each store’s individual stock, the items may last a few days or a few weeks. But who wants to take a risk?
  • Yellow sign with red print: This is for red hot specials! They’re like Aldi Finds, except they’re usually reduced in price due to seasonal overstocks. “Red Hot Special” will often be in big red letters on the tag itself with a date in the bottom corner.
  • Blue sign with black print: Aldi seasonal favorites! These items tend to stay around longer than Aldi Finds, but they’re still only around for a limited time. Think cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving or Stars & Stripes cheese for Fourth of July. Buy ’em up while you can—it’d be a shame to miss a deal!
  • White sign with black print: This tag is for seasonal items! Basically the same as above, but these items could be brand-new or are less likely to restock.

What About Aldi Savers Tags?

About two years ago, Aldi introduced Aldi Savers tags. These are prominent red tags that indicate regular items that have been given a significant price drop. They look like big arrows pointing down, and they may even be handwritten if a particular store really needs to move stock of a certain item. Keep an eye out for deals like this…and stock up ASAP! There’s nothing quite like Aldi’s prices when it comes to shopping.

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