Aldi’s New Sangria Kits Are Ready to Win Summer

You won't need to cut any strawberries or apples to achieve the perfect sangria. Aldi's got you covered with a pre-cut mix of fruit to add to your favorite red or white wine!

Anyone who has enjoyed a glass of fruity sangria knows that it hits the spot. You no longer need to spend part of a perfect summer day slicing tons of fruit to make your own. Lucky for you, brand-new Aldi sangria kits do all the work by including just the right amount of cut fruit! Now, your kitchen counters will be sparkling and so will the sangria.

What’s in the Aldi sangria kits?

Whether you’re in the mood for white or red, Aldi’s new kits will satisfy your cravings. Each kit blends pre-cut fruits that will enhance the wine you choose. The white wine blend includes strawberries, apples, pineapple and oranges, while the red kit has dark sweet cherries, tart cherries, blackberries and oranges. Plus, they’re only $3.49 per bag. Talk about convenience!

The kits don’t include wine, but don’t let that stop you. Just head over to Aldi’s award-winning wine section to pick out a bottle—most of which are less than $15 a pop. (Or take your pick from our favorite boxed reds.)

When can I start using the kits?

Mark your calendars! Aldi’s sangria kits will be available on June 12.

Any summer event will be made sweeter with an expertly blended glass of sangria in hand. You can liven up a pool party with a pitcher of delicious chilled sangria. (Speaking of pool parties, have you heard of this genius hack to keep drinks cold?) If you’re going to a BYOB party, bring your Aldi sangria in a pitcher and impress your pals. So convenient, so delicious and oh so fresh!

What else can I do with the kits?

If sangria’s not your thing, you can still get creative with this Aldi offering. Make a non-alcoholic version with sparkling juice. Place the frozen fruits in a blender to make a killer smoothie. Or mix in your favorite rosé for a frosé (or our fave Sensational Slush) that will stun your friends and family this summer.

June 12 will be here before we know it. Let’s get ready to sip!

Next up: Have you seen Aldi’s new foodie pool floats? We’re obsessed.

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