You Can Get Thanksgiving Dinner at Aldi for Less Than $30 This Year—Here’s How

Shopping for Thanksgiving at Aldi won't burn a hole in your wallet before the big day.

Thanksgiving can weigh heavy on your stress levels as well as your wallet. It’s hard to focus on getting your chic table decor just right when you’re low on holiday funds. But you can cut your turkey day spending almost in half!

Aldi has a reputation for cheap, quality food, and they’re firm believers that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be giving your savings account a workout.

It’s $20 Less Than the National Average

The cost of turkey, dinner rolls, savory sides and dessert can add up quick when you’re on a budget. According to a study conducted by the American Farm Bureau in 2019, a Thanksgiving meal large enough to feed 10 costs around $50 on average. That’s a lot of dough for less than a dozen rolls.

But, according to Aldi’s latest press release, with these Thanksgiving staples, your smorgasbord is less than $30 this year.

The low price tag seems wild considering how much really goes into a successful Thanksgiving dinner. Aldi filled a cart with a Butterball turkey, bagged stuffing, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian sweet rolls, frozen green peas, fresh cranberries, a vegetable tray (with carrots and celery), canned pumpkin pie mix, pie crust, whipping cream and a gallon of whole milk. That’s a few sides, a main course and dessert, all for less than $30! It almost seems too good to be true, but you can easily build a feast with grocery staples and Aldi Finds in November.

And It’s Not Just on Thanksgiving

If you’re a regular at Aldi, you’re doing right by your bank account. An Aldi Thanksgiving is the ideal way to get all the goods this year without stressing about your Christmas fund. And better yet, you can rest assured that Aldi is there for you all year round. Don’t forget your quarter! (And your convenient Aldi quarter holder.)

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