Announcing the Winner of Our Ready, Set, Bake! Contest

Announcing our winner! Elisabeth Larsen of Utah shared her tempting recipe for chocolate eclairs filled with raspberry cream.

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Home bakers, you made our Ready, Set, Bake! Contest a challenge to judge with so many tempting recipes, but what a wonderful and delicious problem to have. After tallying your votes, we’re glad to announce that Elisabeth Larsen is our winner with her recipe for Chocolate-Glazed Raspberry Eclairs.

All About the Recipe

For this recipe, Elisabeth drew inspiration from one of her favorite subjects growing up. “I took French all through high school and college,” she says. “I fell in love with not just the language but the pastry!”

Elisabeth is also a choux pastry pro. She’s been baking up this dough—which is a foundation for all sorts of desserts like cream puffs and profiteroles—for years.

When she saw the Ready, Set, Bake! Contest at Taste of Home, she knew she had to formulate a recipe that combined her love of creating her own recipes and French pastry. After experimenting with a few fillings and glazes (Elisabeth has a husband and three kids to serve as taste testers), she found a delicious combination of sweet pastry cream, tart raspberries and rich chocolate. Nestled inside the light choux, this is a treat that won’t last long.

And let’s not forget: One of the bonuses of winning this contest is that Elisabeth’s eclairs will become a future Bakeable challenge! Stay tuned for more.

Elisabeth’s Tips on How to Make the Perfect Eclairs

Winner Chocolate Glazed Raspberry Eclairstaste of home, courtesy ELISABETH LARSEN

For beginner bakers, choux and pastry cream can be intimidating, but Elisabeth assures us that once you get the hang of it, these pastry essentials become second nature.

To make contest-winning eclairs, follow Elisabeth’s tips:

  • Let your flour mixture cool for a few minutes before adding the eggs. This will prevent the hot mix from scrambling the eggs and giving you the wrong texture.
  • Choux is at the right consistency for piping when you pull up a spatula of the pastry and the dough falls off in a V-shape.
  • Bake until the pastry is golden. Don’t pull out the eclairs too early or they will be soggy.
  • Mash fresh raspberries lightly before adding them to your pastry cream.
  • If you can, wait to fill the eclairs with the raspberry cream until you serve them (the day of is OK, too). If you fill too far in advance, that crispy eclair can become soggy.

A Litte More About Elisabeth

Elisabeth is one of our Community Cooks. This collective of home cooks and bakers are a major part of our Taste of Home family. They share recipes, review our cookbooks and get a special shoutout in each issue of our magazine.

As a part of this program, Elisabeth has had more than 40 recipes published on our site! Some of the standouts include these five-star air-fried Brussels sprouts, chorizo burrito bowls and this hazelnut pear pound cake.

Elisabeth’s family gets involved in the kitchen alongside her. They host regular “new food nights” where she incorporates new ingredients into meals. She’s got her kiddos to thank for some new food suggestions and she says this helps them become more adventurous eaters. Amazing tip, Elizabeth!

As summer ends, Elisabeth says she’ll be baking as many peach treats as she can including pie ans shortcake. As temps dip, though, she explains that she’ll be happy to take on fall baking. “My plans start to lean towards pumpkin cookies, homemade pretzels and pecan bars,” she says.

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