Applebee’s Bahama Mamas Are $1 and We Are Freaking Out

Step aside, hot toddy, there's a cooler way to stare down winter's freeze. Applebee's has put the lime in the coconut with its newest Neighborhood Drink, the DOLLARMAMA—their version of the Bahama Mama—and it's only a buck for the whole month.


Here we are in the middle of winter. Sure, you could warm yourself by the fire with a hot toddy or a hot buttered rum, but if that’s starting to feel a bit tired, there’s another option: It’s the Applebee’s Bahama Mama, aka the DOLLARMAMA, which artfully combines the flavors of coconut, cherry, orange and pineapple with lime and white rum, and in case you’re wondering, the ALL CAPS styling is Applebee’s way of pointing out the urgency of the matter: Get it now, because through the end of February, it’s only a dollar.

And get it before the “Cocktail Police” arrest it for its radical take on the tropical classic. You see, the classic Bahama Mama is made with a splash of coffee, either in the form of the brew itself, or coffee liqueur. And if that doesn’t sound quite right for you, then come sit by me, because I think a good tropical drink is not only sweet and sunshiny, but also caffeine-free (although we certainly wouldn’t complain if someone were to surprise us with some homemade Tropical Coffee Cake). The Applebee’s Bahama Mama, by contrast, bucks tradition and does away with the java jolt in favor of its own proprietary fruit juice blend that not only tastes like the tropics but looks like a Caribbean sunrise with its gradient rainbow of red, orange and pink.

As soon as I heard that not only could I get my greedy little frozen hands on a Bahama Mama for just a dollar at my neighborhood grill and bar, but also that it would be my long-imagined perfect take on the classic (i.e., sans coffee), I headed to the closest Applebee’s (Applebee’s Grill & Bar in Hawthorne, New York) for my “ration” of DOLLARMAMA drinks (limit is three per person, which makes sense since these pack a boozy little punch) in tall, icy glasses.

Did the Applebee’s Bahama Mama go perfectly with their Thai Shrimp Salad? Why, yes, yes it did. Did it make me want to stop at the grocery store on the way home to purchase all the ingredients for this copycat version of Thai Shrimp Salad, which I plan to enjoy while obsessively perusing this round-up of Tropical Rum Cocktails?

Guilty as charged.

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