Applebee’s Is Serving Huge Cocktails for Only $5—and One Is a Tipsy Snowman

Applebee's wants to help chase the winter blues away.

Even if you’ve only been to Applebee’s for the riblets, beer cheese dip or a quesadilla burger, you should know that some of the greatest deals at this neighborhood grill are the drink specials.

In fact, Applebee’s is famous for the $5 cocktails they roll out each month. The chain has also been known to offer $1 drinks from time to time. Usually, the drinks aren’t just a great bargain, they are also irresistibly eye-catching. Once you get a look at Applebee’s two new winter cocktails, you’ll see what we mean. They’re both blue!

What Are the Applebee’s Winter Drinks?

This new $5 promotion is called Snowy Sips, and the drinks are promised to be “icy, not pricey!” This deal features two new seasonal drinks, the Tipsy Snowman and the Blue Raspberry Freeze. Both of these cocktails are served in “Mucho” glasses, which at Applebee’s, means extra-large.

Tipsy Snowman is a tropical treat, reminiscent of a pina colada. But it’s made with Tito’s vodka and gets the coconut flavor from Malibu. This sky-blue beverage is served on the rocks and garnished with a blue and white fruity gummy ring.

Blue Raspberry Freeze will appeal to lovers of blended cocktails. It’s a riff on the daiquiri, a classic frozen drink, using Bacardi rum and made visually interesting with a blue raspberry swirl.

How Long Will They Be Available?

Like most of the Applebee’s drink specials, the Snowy Sips are a limited time offer. This promotion will be around until February 21, 2021, so you’ll have about a month to try them. Bonus: You can even order $5 drinks to go at select locations. We’ll drink to that!

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