Our Test Kitchen Can’t Get Enough of This Genius Slide Mat

An appliance slide mat saves energy and protects your countertops.

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Baking and cooking don’t normally count as exercise, but your arms might say otherwise whenever you move your air fryer or hoist that hefty stand mixer! Meet your new favorite kitchen gadget: this appliance slide mat from Cooks Innovation. If you’d prefer to make your culinary endeavors less of a workout—not to mention protect and organize your countertops—you’ll want this inexpensive kitchen storage solution ASAP.

What is an appliance slide mat?

An appliance slide mat is a thin, heat-resistant rubber mat (so thin you won’t even know it’s there!) that sits under heavy or large appliances, including pots and pans. Whenever you want to move your appliance, the mat allows it to glide across the countertop without scraping or scratching the surface.

This Amazon kitchen gadget is a staple in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, too. “While it may look and feel like a mouse pad, this handy helper sits underneath countertop appliances so you can maneuver gear without having to lift or drag,” says Executive Culinary Director, Sarah Farmer. “I love that it’s trimmable for a clean, custom fit. I even gifted two to my parents for Christmas!”

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How to Use an Appliance Slide Mat

All you have to do is place the appliance slide mat underneath, well, any appliance you want to easily move. It’s heat-resistant so go ahead and use it under an air fryer, slow cooker or Instant Pot—you can even use it with fresh-out-of-oven cookware!

The magic happens when it’s time to move your appliance or hot pot. True to its name, the appliance slider mat really does slide unwieldy appliances around your countertop with ease, like your stand mixer or a pot roast-filled Dutch oven.

If the mat is larger than your appliance, you can simply take two corners and tug gently to move the appliance across a surface in whichever direction you need it to go. You can also trim the mat down to the exact size of the base of your appliance and push to move it instead.

Product Specs

  • Instantly moves bulky appliances with each
  • Set of three sizes: 8×8-inches, 10×12-inches and 12×14-inches
  • Easy to trim for the perfect fit
  • Won’t scratch countertops
  • Easy to wash

This practical gadget is right up there with our other favorite kitchen gear, including a KitchenAid attachment organizer, expandable cutlery tray and lid organizer.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Many customers were pleasantly surprised with how effective the appliance slide mat is. For many reviewers, it’s a new kitchen staple.

MamaSays wrote a five-star review for the appliance slide mat set on Amazon: “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but they’re pretty neat. Almost like a mouse pad with a silky material on the non-grippy side. You can cut them to match the footprint of the object you need to slide around quite easily. I haven’t had it long yet but I see no reason why it won’t last a very reasonable amount of time. Also seems to be of good quality, and would be easy to hand wash if they became soiled.”

If you’re wondering whether you can really slide one of those heavy appliances, High Point offers proof in their five-star review: “It’s a bit like sliding across the floor in your socks—I spent the first few minutes just sliding my air fryer around the counter. LOL! It’s so smooth that I do have to hold the air fryer still when I push the basket back in. But that’s not a big deal compared to how difficult it used to be to move the fryer in and out from under the cabinets.”

And while the slider mat makes things convenient for everyone to move heavy appliances with ease, it’s a great tool for at-home chefs with limited mobility. Aiko Alegria said this in their five-star review: “My mom’s wrists are very sensitive due to work so moving her KitchenAid mixer is very difficult for her but with the glide matts [sic], it’s super easy and she doesn’t have to ask for help every time she needs to move it.”

Where to Buy an Appliance Slider Mat

Cooks Innovations Glide Matvia merchant

The Cooks Innovations 3-piece slider mat is available on Amazon. It’s also available at Walmart. If you’re tired of hauling out your heavy KitchenAid mixer from storage, you can easily use this appliance slide mat to clear off your countertops when you need space to work.

For more kitchen cures, consider investing in a utensil organizer, water bottle storage, pots and pans organizer or kitchen wrap holder. Your space will be neat and tidy in no time!

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