The 2022 Bath & Body Works Valentine’s Day Collection Will Warm Your Heart

Strawberry Pound Cake will definitely sweeten up my life.

Grab your wallets and get ready to have a great time, because the new Bath & Body Works Valentine’s Day Collection is on its way. We know you’ll be hard at work baking Valentine’s Day treats, so why not treat yourself to a little fragrance TLC? This collection has a few new sips and sweets that’ll keep you cozy all season long.

The Valentine’s Day Collection Has Us Head Over Heels

It’s impossible to have too many Bath & Body Works scents, am I right? (Let’s not mention the fact that I bought so many from their Halloween collection that I’m still burning them to this very day. You could say I’m a bit of a fan.)

So, what new sweet Bath & Body Works Valentine’s scents are coming our way?

“Sips”-Inspired Fragrances

  • Bubbly Rosé: A new fragrance launching in Body Care for the very first time. You can expect notes of pink sparkling rosé, sweet blood orange and cranberry. I might need to have a sip of this orange-cranberry sangria to go with it!
  • Peach Prosecco Macaron: This new fragrance has notes of peach prosecco, vanilla cream and macaron cookies. It might just give you the motivation to whip up some macarons for yourself.
  • Champagne Toast: A classic sweetheart scent that’s coming back for more. You can expect notes of bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine. It’s a bestseller for a reason!
  • Sunshine Mimosa: Another returning scent that matches wonderfully with its counterpart, Champagne Toast. You can expect notes of bubbly champagne and citrus.

Sweets-Inspired Fragrances

  • Whipped Berry Meringue: This is a new fragrance for 2022! You can expect notes of fresh berries, whipped cream and fluffy vanilla. Oh, and a bit of a rumbling stomach, too.
  • Pear Creme Brulee: This might be the new fragrance I’m most excited about. Look out for notes of baked pear, caramelized sugar and whipped cream. Don’t mind me, I’ll be buying up the whole shelf.
  • Strawberry Pound Cake: Another returning classic that everyone clamors for. With notes of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake and whipped cream, you’ll be off to a wonderland of sweets in no time.
  • Confetti Daydream: The perfect name for a band, don’t you think? This classic scent is a dream and brings you notes of fresh raspberries, sparkling pear and blue iris. Yum!

Don’t forget the new Clear Horizon and Gingham Love perfumes and 3-wick candles, either. They’re absolute must-haves!

When Can We Shop?

The Valentine’s Day collection officially launches on Friday, January 21. You already know you want to pick up at least three of these scents—who wouldn’t? Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with a gift or two!

Melany Love
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