6 Reasons You’ll Love This Natural Alternative to Plastic Wrap

Finagling with plastic wrap? Ick. Meet the solution: Bee's Wrap, a sustainable food-storage wrap made from beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil and tree resin.

We’re all on an upcycling kick, wanting to rid the world of further waste, including what comes out of the kitchen. That means reducing our waste and reliance on products like plastic wrap and disposable baggies. However, ditching that roll of cling film can be a hard habit to break. How do you wrap up that half a lemon or save that last tasty brownie from the pan? Well, you can rely on Bee’s Wrap, a new product that can take the place of plastic wrap, plastic containers and more.

This sustainable product is made of organic cotton and coated with a thin layer of beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil to give it just a bit of stick. That means you fold this product over onto itself and the fabric sticks together and seals keeping all your foods fresh. Find out all the ways I’ve made use of it in the kitchen.

Bye-bye, plastic baggies

With all the buzz about adopting a plastic-free lifestyle, slipping sandwiches into plastic baggies for lunches can feel like a dirty deed. With reusable sandwich wrap, the guilt is gone.

Try wrapping up these fun boxed lunch ideas with this fun product.

Keep halves of lemons and limes fresh.

How often do you use the entire lemon or lime to prepare a recipe anyway? Instead of taking up precious fridge space by tucking those citrus halves into a bowl, wrap them in Bee’s Wrap!

Then use up those odds and ends in these recipes.

Keep cheese fresher longer

Building an awesome cheese plate requires a variety of cheeses. Repacking those orphan wedges back into the fridge for later isn’t as easy as dishing a casserole’s leftovers into a Pyrex dish. Simply wrap the cheese in Bee’s Wrap.

You can also try this method for long-lasting cheese.

Build-your-own snack-mix packs.

Need a vessel for your GORP, dried-fruit snacks or nuts on a hike or road trip? These are perfect. Check out this delicious recipe for a nut and seeds trail mix that everyone in your group find yummy (bonus: it’s peanut-free).

Never have a stale baguette

Whether you’re a Francophile or just love a crusty baguette, Bee’s Wrap makes a special Baguette Wrap that’s a long and thin version of its other wraps. Now you don’t have to worry about this oblong-shaped bread going stale. Looking for a way to use up baguette ends? This tomato baguette pizza recipe is a crowd-pleaser.

Mix it up with fun patterns

While the classic, original Bee’s Wrap design is cute (depicting honeycombs), the design options don’t stop there. Other options include white clovers on a bright lavender background, as well as a turquoise geometric pattern against an ivory background. Tots will love the bear-print design. Use these different patterns to set your family’s snacks apart. Or stock up on a few and gift them to a friend! They’re the perfect eco-friendly gift for pals that want to go green.

Now that you’ve read all the awesome reasons we love Bee’s Wrap, are you ready to inject this eco-friendly material into your kitchen? From reducing waste to ensuring the food lasts longer—not to mention eye-catching patterns and colors—it’s a win-win on so many levels.

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Kristine Hansen
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