Best Holiday Tradition: Get in on Christmas Game Night

From crazy gifting games to Christmas carnival games you can make at home, there’ll be no shortage of laughter with these ideas for festive family fun, presented by our friends at Folgers®.

Game On

  • Have an old wooden block game lying around? Use a marker to write a holiday-inspired action on each piece: “name your favorite Christmas movie,” “sing a song in your best elf voice,” “spread good cheer with a bear hug.” You pull it, you do it.
  • Bingo! With so many holiday-themed printable versions online, this game is a snap to have at the ready and is perfect for any age. Use wrapped bits of chocolate or candy pieces to mark squares. Eat them at the end of each round and everyone’s a winner.
  • Make a gift-and-gag ball. Place goodies and gag gifts in layers of plastic wrap and wrapping paper until you have something about the size of a beach ball. Pick a player to start unwrapping. Meanwhile, the player to the right of them rolls a pair of dice until he or she gets doubles. When doubles are rolled, the ball and the dice pass to the right. Each player keeps the gifts unwrapped along the way. Make it even more challenging by wearing gloves!
  • Set up a Snowman Slam carnival game in your living room. Use felt cut-outs to decorate foam cups with snowman faces. Stack the cups in a pyramid (you can decide just how big you want it) and throw a faux snowball or rolled-up pair of white socks at it. Knock it down and you win!

Game Grub

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