Best Holiday Tradition: Host a Holiday Hot Drink Bar

From mocha-flavored coffee concoctions to peppermint-spiked hot chocolate, it’s time to drink and be merry! Create a hot beverage center in your house and keep your family warm during the winter with their favorite body- and soul-warming drinks, presented by our friends at Folgers®.

At-Home Barista Bar

  • Set out matching holiday-themed mugs, or choose copper for an elegant look. Like to mix things up? Get creative displaying a mismatched collection of cute vintage cups.
  • If expecting company, brew a pot. Otherwise, set out single servings or K-Cup Pods®.
  • Be sure to provide decaf options, such as Folgers® Classic Coffee Decaf Singles.
  • Have on the ready a dry coffee mix for those who like it rich and sweet. Give this Creamy Coffee Mix a try! Store in a large glass jar with lid, a cookie jar or another crafty container for up to 2 months.
  • Put caramel, chocolate and other sticky sweet stir-ins in plastic squeeze bottles. Decorate with ribbon, or hot glue some flannel around each.
  • Store flavored coffee syrups in glass bottles with pourable spouts.

Coffee Shop Set-Up

  • Use a chalkboard to make a cute “Hot Coffee Served Here” sign.
  • If expecting company, dip coffee mug rims in melted dark chocolate.
  • Don’t forget to put out a platter of coffee shop-inspired baked goods-scones, croissants and cinnamon rolls.
  • If making espresso drinks, impress your guests by learning a little latte art. All you need is some quality espresso, steamed milk and a little know-how. Check out one of a dozen video tutorials available online.
  • Make DIY coffee spoons by dipping wooden or plastic spoons into melted chocolate. To decorate, sprinkle with toffee bits or edible pearls when chocolate is still warm. Or let chocolate harden and then drizzle with melted chocolate in holiday hues.

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