We Tried 11 Strawberry Jams to Find Our Test Kitchen’s Best Loved Brand

Want the best brands for your pantry? The Taste of Home Test Kitchen's team of experts put them to the test—this time trying 11 kinds of strawberry preserves. Find out which is the best strawberry jam for toast, treats and more.

About Best Loved Brands

When you’re looking for the absolute best, grocery shopping can be quite the ordeal—dozens of brands, hundreds of choices. From biscuits to brownies, hot sauce to hummus, it can be daunting to make the picks that will make your recipes sing. That’s where Taste of Home comes in. Our culinary and editorial experts put 100+ products to the test. After undergoing a thorough review, our Best Loved Brands emerged. Find out which brands you should be shopping for.

Finding the Best Strawberry Jam

Be it jam, jelly or preserves, there’s something special about these fruit-filled spreads. But to make them at home can be quite the task for inexperienced canners (though, if you’re a pro at preserving, try these recipes). It’s no wonder then that most of us turn toward jams and jellies on the supermarket shelf. But there are so many brands out there! In efforts to find the best strawberry jam (or preserve or jelly), we tried 11 brands and judge them according to these criteria:

  • Flavor
  • Aroma
  • Spreadability
  • Appearance

For spreading it on top of toast in the morning or folding into recipes, like these adorable and delectable strawberry pillows, we want to make sure that we’re recommending the best brand. To help you make a better pick at your local grocery, our culinary and editorial staff tested 11 options blindly. Find out which we can’t wait to open up and eat with our favorite farmhouse breakfasts.

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First Place: Berryhill

Our top pick for strawberry jam came from one of our favorite stores: Aldi (though we didn’t know it during the blind tasting). This jam earned high marks in each category. It provided our Test Kitchen team with a nice, spreadable consistency and a mouthwatering fruit aroma. When it came to the flavor, you could see that this jam was going to be tasty—it was filled with bits of strawberry and a few seeds which made this option seem more authentic. This jam was perfectly sweet with good, strong strawberry flavor and just a hint of tartness to give us a well rounded spread that we’d go back for time after time.

Available exclusively at Aldi.

Second Place: 365 Everyday Value

Similar to our first pick was Whole Foods-exclusive brand 365 Everyday Value. This jam was also packed with strawberry chunks for a homemade look. This did make the jam slightly less spreadable, but what it lacked in spreadability it made up for in great strawberry flavor and sweetness.

Available exclusively at Whole Foods and on Amazon.

Third Place: Private Selection

For fans of a less-rustic presentation (meaning fewer berry chunks), you’ll want to grab a jar of Private Selection strawberry jam. This brand offered a jam that was a bit smoother and less thick than other options; this is exactly the texture you want for recipes that use jam for glazing, like this beautiful strawberry torte. When it came to taste, this jam was a bit sweeter than others but definitely hit those strawberry notes as well.

Available exclusively at Kroger-owned stores.

What to Make with Strawberry Jam

With jams as good as our top ranking options, you can enjoy them simply on a piece of toast, however, you can do a whole lot more with these preserves. In fact, preserves are what make some of our favorite fruit-filled desserts so tempting. An extra dose of fruit in the form of jam takes treats like these blueberry-studded bars from great to unforgettable. Just check out all the options that come from a jar of jam.

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However you spread it, our best-loved jam brands are great additions to any fruity recipe. Remember those strawberry pillows? Look how tasty they look with our favorite Berryhill jam.

We hope our testing helps you on your next grocery run. Now, go check out our other Best Loved Brands!

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