This Gadget Makes It So Easy to Get Rid of Grease

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It's easy to use, affordable and, best of all, it'll keep grease from ruining your pipes.

We all know grease is one of those things you should never pour down the drain. But what if some drips out of the pan while you’re saving that all-important bacon grease for one of these delicious ideas? Good news: There’s a new product that will protect your pipes, and it just might be the easiest and best way to dispose of grease. Meet FOG Safe.

Keep Your Drain Grease-Free

Why is it so important to keep grease from entering the drain? It all has to do with how grease breaks down once it’s in your pipes. The fats from grease bond together with other discarded fats and chemicals to create blockages. These can cause serious problems in the sewer system and lead to backups in your neighborhood. Even a teaspoon of grease down the drain now and then can add up.

FOG Safe Solves the Problem

While it’s always best to let grease solidify in the pan or jar before trashing it, there’s a new product on the market that will help catch any grease that accidentally drips into the sink.

FOG Safe is a unique grease catcher made out of recycled paper created to fit in your drain. It was designed by general contractor and rental property manager Shawn Santos, who encountered a kitchen drain clogged with grease and wanted a product that would prevent it from ever happening again.

Well, Shawn got his wish, and when FOG Safe hit the market, great reviews started coming in.

“I was tired of my kitchen grease jar and spilling grease/oil on the countertop each time I used it,” says one Amazon reviewer. “Gave these a try and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to use.”

Here’s How It Works

This clever tool catches fats, oils and grease (get it?) to keep them out of your pipes. The grease catcher can absorb up to four ounces of oil, which is approximately the amount you’d get when frying up a pound of bacon. (If any of that grease splattered onto your stove, here’s the best way to clean it.)

You can also place it on the counter or in the sink as you empty grease into it. Once the grease catcher is full, just toss it in the trash. This slick solution is an easy and affordable way to help protect your septic system. Plus, you can get a pack of nine for just $20. Not bad, when you consider the cost of a plumbing emergency.

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