Lotus Is Selling New Biscoff Sandwich Cookies Stuffed with Vanilla, Chocolate or Cream

It didn't seem possible, but Biscoff just got even better.

You might know Biscoff best as the irresistible sweet, spiced cookies you get served while in the air. Honestly, it’s one of the best parts of flying. (Don’t fret—United Airlines replacing Biscoff cookies was just a temporary move.)

Now, thanks to Lotus, the Belgian brand that makes Biscoff, there are brand-new Biscoff cookies to mix things up!

What’s in Each Biscoff Sandwich Cookie?

What’s better than Biscoff cookies? Biscoff sandwich cookies filled with cream. There are three flavors so far: vanilla, milk chocolate or Biscoff cream. We can’t wait to get a double-dose of that creamy, spiced goodness! Each package comes with 15 Biscoff sandwich cookies, perfect for sharing or snacking solo.

Biscoff is so universally loved, the flavor has shown up in ice cream bars, Kit Kats and cookie butter. Did you know that cookie butter is even better paired with chocolate chip cookies?

Where Can I Buy ‘Em?

We’re seeing the vanilla and Biscoff cream varieties at Walmart, so we suspect they’re at other national retailers as well. Keep an eye out the next time you go grocery shopping.

What IS a Biscoff Cookie, Though?

The original Biscoff cookie is a form of speculoos (sometimes called speculaas), a crisp holiday spice cookie that’s enjoyed in Belgium and the Netherlands.

What gives Biscoff its distinctive caramel-spice flavor? We don’t know exactly how Biscoffs are made, but it’s a good bet they use brown sugar and warm spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg to get that unique blend. That’s right, Christmas spices. No wonder we love ’em so much!

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