Costco is Now Selling Blue Apron Meal Kits (and You Don’t Have to Purchase a Subscription!)

Select Costco stores are selling Blue Apron meal kits—and they've been specially designed to make family dinners a snap.

Wondering what those Blue Apron online meal kits are all about…but don’t want to subscribe to find out? You’re in the right place. Blue Apron, the leading farm-fresh ingredient and original recipe delivery service, has started selling its products at Costco—one of our favorite spots for budget shopping!

Where can you get in on this opportunity?

In an effort to expand its customer base beyond online subscribers, Blue Apron has partnered with Costco to offer its kits in-store for customers to look at and purchase. Currently, you can grab these meal kits at 18 stores along the West Coast: 15 near Puget Sound and three in the San Francisco Bay area. If customers eat this idea up, Blue Apron and Costco plan to roll out the plan elsewhere.

But will these meal kits actually make mealtime easier?

Perhaps when you think of Blue Apron, you think of fancy, fussy meals for two, like you might see in the advertisements for the subscription service. But the meals kits sold in Costco are geared toward families, will have fewer ingredients, and won’t require as much time to prepare as some of Blue Apron’s subscription meal kits.

“We’re certainly thinking about different lifestyles, specifically for Costco,” said Tim Smith, Blue Apron senior vice president and manager of consumer products. The Costco kits are also about 30% less expensive, costing $24.99 for four servings, which is about $6.25 per serving. Compare this to Blue Apron’s online subscription meal plans which go for around $8.75 per serving. Of course, you could always make any one of these 33 family dinners for under 10 bucks!

One more secret we can’t not share…

You can also get ready-to-cook meal kits at Walmart and Albertsons supermarkets—and Amazon sells meal kits online as well. Just more options if you’re curious about these ready-to-prep meals but aren’t ready to commit to a regular subscription.

In the end, though, if you’re just looking for simplicity, give these five-ingredient comfort food recipes a try!

Try these budget-friendly dinners that are big on taste.
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