Breeo X Series 19: We’re Obsessed with This Stylish Fire Pit

It's a fire pit. It's a grill. And it's about to be the focal point of your backyard.

I bet I’m not the only one who wants to spend every possible moment outside as soon as nice weather arrives. It seems like such a waste to sit indoors when I could be grilling or relaxing next to a fire—two quintessential summer activities that are made easy and enjoyable with a Breeo fire pit.

This unique and beautiful fire pit makes the perfect patio fixture thanks to its stately appearance and versatile functionality, and it has a few tricks up its sleeves, as well. (Here’s a hint: You won’t be left washing the smell of smoke out of your clothes!)

What Is the Breeo Fire Pit?

While you can find an inexpensive patio fire pit at just about any home improvement store, there’s something different about the Breeo fire pit—a few things, actually. The Breeo X Series is a line of high-end smokeless fire pits that are designed for both at-home and on-the-go use. As you might have guessed based on that description, one of the main selling points is that they produce less smoke thanks to the brand’s patented X Airflow system and double-walled convection design.

The X Series is also incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. You can choose from two construction materials: sleek 304 stainless steel or more rustic Corten steel, which will develop a gorgeous red patina over time. There are also three sizes to choose from, and you can opt for a model with or without a “sear plate,” aka a wider rim that allows you to grill alongside the hot fire.

Everything There Is to Love About the Breeo X Series

I personally own the Breeo X19, the smallest of the three sizes. I opted for the Corten construction (because who could resist that stunning patina?), as well as the sear plate. It was no small investment, ringing in at $349, but it’s become the pride and joy of my backyard—the neighbors have even come over to ask about it!

Right off the bat, this fire pit looks cool and captures everyone’s attention, but it really shines in its performance. When you slap a steak on the edge of that thing and it sears and sizzles, it truly makes you jump with joy. The searing plate is big enough to cook meat, seafood, and vegetables, and it’s a cool alternative to a grill for anyone who’s just cooking for one or two people. It works just as well as a fire pit, too, kicking off plenty of heat with minimal smoke.

If you want to expand your Breeo’s functionality even more, there are a number of accessories you can purchase. There’s a lid that can be used to protect your Breeo in inclement weather, as well as a spark screen for those particularly windy summer nights. However, one of the most appealing products has to be the Outpost, which holds a large circular grilling grate over the fire, giving you even more space to cook your favorite meats. You can even outfit the Outpost with a hook and cast iron kettle that lets you whip up rustic stews in the great outdoors. Cool, right?

The fire pits are also made in the US, and shipping to the contiguous United States is free on all orders!

There Are a *Few* Caveats

Overall, we’re smitten with the sturdy build and versatility of the Breeo fire pit, but there are a few quirks worth mentioning. First of all, the pit does produce less smoke than a traditional fire, but it’s not 100% smoke-free, especially on windy days. You’ll still experience some smoke coming off the fire, but it’s not so much that you’ll have to move your chair away.

Speaking of chairs, the Breeo X19 is fairly small—only 22″ in diameter around the rim, and you can really only seat two or three people around it comfortably. So if you’re planning to entertain a crowd, you’ll definitely want to size up.

Finally, if you have heart eyes for the beautiful patina you see in the Breeo’s product photos, know that the fire pit doesn’t arrive with the lovely weathering. (I know, ugh.) The metal is shiny and new out of the box, and it will develop the reddish finish over time. However, the good news is that you can speed up the process using a few household ingredients—read the brand’s instructions to learn more.

Overall, I love my Breeo fire pit and can’t wait to get back outside and fire it up!

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