British Scones

We cut the fat and calories from this recipe without skimping on flavor!

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, Carole J. writes, “I love going to British teas—we have a very popular tearoom here in Albuquerque—but I need to be careful with what I eat. I’m sending my recipe for traditional British Scones, hoping you can lighten it.”

After sampling Carole’s scones, our home economists realized they had a big challenge on their hands. They wanted to keep the outstanding flavor and tender flaky texture of Carole’s scones, but knew they had to cut back on the whipping cream and butter in a major way.

They began by replacing half the butter from the original recipe with canola oil. This reduced the cholesterol and saturated fat while adding moisture to the dough.

Substituting 1% buttermilk for the whipping cream trimmed things down even further and added enough acid to keep the scones tender. Similarly, cake flour replaced some of the all-purpose flour, which also helped the scones retain their appealing texture.

Adding a little brown sugar to the dough gave the makeover scones a lovely golden appearance when they were baked.

The results? These Makeover British Scones contain 54 fewer calories than the original and 70% less saturated fat—but they are still tender, tasty…and fit for a queen!

TIP: Replacing milk or cream in baked goods with 1% buttermilk helps keep them tender and cuts fat.

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