10 Amazing Brunch Ideas You’ll Want to Steal This Weekend

From the modern farmhouse-themed decor to eggy main dishes (even a scrambled egg bar!), these breezy brunch ideas will put your morning gathering on the right track.

Does life get any better than when you’re relaxing over weekend brunch? Whether you’re celebrating a family birthday, a happy couple or any ol’ Saturday, an al fresco-style breakfast is always a blast. Here’s a bunch of brunch ideas every host (and guest!) is sure to love.

Taste of Home1. Pick a spot.

Consider your patio, a flat patch of lawn, even your driveway! Then give it a good spiffing up before the big day. If an outdoor gathering is out of the question, you can still make your space feel fresh and airy. On the day-of, open the windows and let the curtains billow in the breeze.

Pro tip: Hit up your local plant nursery for a few potted flowers to help any spot feel more green—especially an indoor space. At the end of the meal, you can send the blooms home with guests.

Taste of Home

2. DIY your décor.

Even a design newbie can pull together a modern farmhouse theme with warm wood tones and objects made of materials like galvanized metal, linen and chicken wire. Repurpose items from around your home or pay a visit to an antique shop or thrift store. Look for:

  • Wire baskets: Turn them into eggy centerpieces.
  • Chicken feed troughs: They’re perfect as utensil holders.
  • A well-loved wooden cutting board: Let it do double-duty as a serving platter.
  • Ink wells: Instant vases!

Generic Scrambled Egg Bar with assorted toppings; Nellies Eggs advertisingTaste of Home

3. Wow guests with a scrambled egg bar.

You may have done this with nachos, baked potatoes or ice cream sundaes, so why not give a scrambled egg bar a try? In addition to a large dish of scrambled eggs, set out bowls of various cheeses, ham and veggies to mix in. And don’t forget the hot sauce! Want to make perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs? Add a splash of half-and-half. And use wholesome, certified-humane Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, of course. Nellie’s raises healthy hens the right way—with no antibiotics or added hormones—and access to big, green pastures every day. Good for the hens, which means good for you.

Taste of Home

4. Fill out the menu.

Go with a big-batch main dish like Hash Brown Quiche Cups. Fry up a simple side of crispy bacon (try baking the bacon!), or give it a sweet and spicy twist. Then throw together a fruit salad and slice up a sweet-savory treat like this Sausage-Blueberry Breakfast Cake.

Pro tip: Take off some pressure and serve some store-bought items, too. How about yogurt to go with homemade granola? Or English muffins for the jam. Oh, and the jam itself.

5. Bring on the beverages.

A pot of coffee, some hot water and tea bags, bottled waters and a carafe of juice is ample refreshment. But if you’re feeling fancy, give this fruity Sparkling Rhubarb Spritzer a whirl (spike it if you like!), or offer up pitchers of classic mimosas or Bloody Marys.

Pro tip: Stack juice glasses on a tiered cupcake stand to save room on the buffet.

Here's the Menu
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6. Plan ahead to make ahead.

Unless you worked as a short-order cook in a previous life, or you like to get out of bed around 3 a.m., it might be hard to make everything you need for your brunch party and still find the energy to enjoy the meal yourself. So, as you look at your menu, identify anything that can be done in advance. For example, you might bake the granola a couple days early or chop up all of your fruit and veggies the day before. This takes some pressure off of you on party day and gives you time to keep up with the dishes, too.

Taste of HomeTaste of Home

7. Create a condiment tray.

When it comes to food, to each his or her own, right? In fact, setting out condiments is a fab way to make guests feel at home. Consider a tray of flavorful options, including salt and pepper, butter, sugar and cream, jams and jellies.

Pro tip: Keep out pests by covering the tray with a cloche. Apothecary jars will work for scoopable menu items like the granola and fruit salad.

RMS 22760; Sparkling Rhubarb Spritzer; 3 tier plating suggestionTaste of Home

8. Leave time to set up.

The evening before your brunch is a great time to set the scene (presuming you don’t expect any overnight showers). Hose off the deck or patio, and wipe down any furniture so guests won’t get dusty. Set up tables and folding chairs if your guest list is lengthy enough to require additional seating. And if your space is super-sunny at mid-morning, consider setting up large umbrellas to keep everyone shaded and cool.

Pro tip: Hold off on placing tablecloths and décor until morning if you can to keep them pristine.

9. Sound off…or on.

If you’re eating al fresco, you might choose to skip a playlist and let birds and rustling leaves do the job instead. But if skipping a soundtrack wouldn’t feel right (especially if you’ll stay indoors), you’d hit all the right notes with Americana, Motown or low-key jazz.

flowersTaste of Home

10. Make it a group effort.

Hosting a laid-back brunch is a big feat. So, why not share in the party-planning endeavors? Invite a co-host to help with prep and cooking, or draft your partner and kids to help as well. They needn’t be expert chefs, either—anyone can help wash and dry dishes, pop flowers into vases or set out plates.

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and even frequent breakfast skippers can agree: At brunch, there’s no shortage of deliciousness. So, invite friends and family to enjoy the fresh air and a morning feast so memorable, it might last far beyond lunch!

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