6 Ways to Reuse Your Butter Wrappers

Get the most for your money by saving your butter wrapper for these six ingenious hacks.

Butter is expensive, so don’t waste a single bit of it—including what’s on the butter wrapper.

When peeled off the stick of butter, the waxy wrappers have a thin layer of butter inside; just enough to put to good use. So don’t throw them out! Here are six ways to use butter wrappers in the kitchen.

How to Save Your Butter Wrappers

Flatten out the butter wrappers and stack them together. Slide the stack into a resealable plastic bag. Stash them in the fridge or for longer storage in the freezer. That way they’ll be handy to grab for all these uses.

These tricks work with all kinds of butter.

How to Use Butter Wrappers

Prevent Splatters When Microwaving Butter

Melting Butter in a glass measuring cup With a butter Wrapper on top sitting on the counter, a microwave is nearby in the backgroundTMB Studio

The microwave is a great way to melt or soften cold butter—and the wrapper will keep things tidy while you do it. Use a butter wrapper (except foil ones) to cover the dish holding the butter; it’ll keep your microwave clean by preventing any spatters from escaping.

Cover Leftovers

Tamar Adler, author of The Everlasting Meal Cookbook, shares that butter wrappers are great for covering leftovers in a bowl instead of plastic wrap or when lids go missing. Just press a wrapper, butter side down, to the surface of the food to keep air out during storage.

Grease Cake Pans

hands Greasing A baking Pan With a Butter Paper wrapperTMB Studio

Our grandmas taught us this baking trick! The butter left on the wrapper is plenty to grease pans for cakes, cookies and brownies. Rub the butter side of the wrapper over the insides of the pan, especially into the corners.

Separate Frozen Food

butter wrapper papers in between stacks of cookies being packed for freezingTMB Studio

When getting foods like cookies, cakes, burgers or chicken fillets ready to freeze, butter wrappers will keep them from sticking together. Just place one between each layer before bagging them up for the freezer.

Lightly Grease Skillets

When your frying pan or skillet needs just a little oil, use a butter wrapper instead of cooking spray. Rub the surface of the pan with the wrapper to lightly coat it with butter before cooking.

Shape Marshmallow Cereal Treats

When crisped rice cereal and melted marshmallows are mixed together, it’s super sticky. Instead of coating your hands with butter or nonstick spray, use a butter wrapper. Spoon the mixture into the pan, then use a butter wrapper to press the mixture down.

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