Would You Buy This $280 Disney-Themed Le Creuset Soup Pot?

Calling all Disney fans; the newest Le Creuset is for you!

Yellow Disney-Themed Le Creuset Soup Pot with rosesLe Creuset
Le Creuset

Le Creuset cast-iron cookware seems to last forever, but would you buy a pot that is inspired by the tale as old as time? (Ahem, Beauty and the Beast fans, these recipes are for you.) If so, get excited, because cookware company Le Creuset has released a limited edition soup pot inspired by Beauty and the Beast to celebrate the Disney movie’s recent DVD release.

Worried about Mickey Mouse ears and animated characters wrecking the elegant ambiance of your kitchen? Never fear. This enameled cast-iron pot is adorned with a simple yet sophisticated design. (No Mrs. Potts in sight!) Taking its coloring from Disney character Belle’s iconic yellow ballgown, it has a beautifully decorated lid circled by two vibrant red roses with whimsical golden stems. (It also comes in blue if yellow’s not your thing.) What’s more, the pot’s metallic gold-colored handle is etched with “Be Our Guest”—a darling homage to one of the film’s most lovable scenes.

While this pot is daintily decorated, the cooking power behind it is anything but demure. With the same durability and reliability of standard Le Creuset pots and pans, this limited edition version will stand up to nearly anything you put it through in the kitchen. With a 2-3/4 quart capacity, this pot is perfect for everything from browning meat to cooking rice or risotto to simmering your favorite pasta sauce. This versatility means that the cookware won’t be living in your china cabinet—or locked away in a tower.

This beauty does come with a big price tag. At $280 a pop, this pot is about $40 or so more than other Le Creuset pots of similar size and material. For that extra $40, though, you get to say you’re one of only 1,000 people to claim this Belle-inspired pot. If you’re ready to make the commitment (or have a friend who loves all things Disney), head to the Le Creuset website and purchase the pot today.

These pots will also be available to purchase on Disney websites or a Le Creuset Signature Store near you.

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