Captain Morgan Launched This Sliced Apple Rum Just in Time for Fall

It's the perfect mixer for hot apple cider.

We’ve officially made it to October. Where does the time go? Even though summer has come and gone (so long, margarita weather), that doesn’t mean all the good flavors have disappeared. On the contrary! This season means warm colors, scents and tastes.

While some may opt for the PSL as their fall drink of choice, others prefer the sweet and indulgent taste of hot apple cider. Nothing beats the tasty combo of apples and cinnamon. Seems like Captain Morgan understands that, too!

This Is What You Need to Know About the Sliced Apple Spiced Rum

Sometimes, all we want to do on a chilly fall night is cuddle up by the fire with a fuzzy blanket and our favorite drink. Well…maybe more like all the time. You might choose a steaming mug of hot chocolate, but I like a boozy beverage. In fall, rum is usually my go-to, and apples and cinnamon are my all-time favorite flavor combination. So you can bet I’m over the MOON for this Captain Morgan debut.

While Captain was already so smooth, adding apple to the mix made it even smoother. The sweetness of fruit and rum go together extremely well, and both manage to warm you up exactly when you need it most. Anything apple totally screams fall, and this rum would go spectacularly well with apple cider. Spoiler alert…I’ve tried it, and it’s to DIE for!

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Where Can I Grab a Bottle?

Luckily, it’s available at Total Wine right now. No need to wait! As the weather slowly devolves into colder and colder temps, there’s no better time to cuddle up with a tasty apple sipper and a spooky Halloween flick.

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