Caramel Marshmallow Fluff Is a REAL THING

We didn't think anything could be better than Marshmallow Fluff...until we learned about the existence of CARAMEL Marshmallow Fluff.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with Marshmallow Fluff, the sticky, sweet ingredient that when combined with peanut butter and slathered on bread makes a fluffernutter sandwich. It’s a classic for a good reason.

Serious Fluff fans probably also know that it comes in different varieties like pretty and pink strawberry and now CARAMEL! Both of these flavors are fairly elusive, but not impossible to track down.

What Can You Do with a Jar of Marshmallow Fluff?

Instagrammer @foodiewiththebeasts recently posted a shot of the Caramel Fluff, and it doesn’t look radically different from regular Fluff—just a little more ivory than white. But that’s where comparisons end. While regular Fluff just tastes sweet, the caramel version has notes of brown butter, which means the possibilities are endless.

Our first thought is that Caramel Fluff would be amazing in Rice Krispies treats or combined with chocolate and graham crackers in a twist on s’mores.

Obviously, you can use it in a fluffernutter. You could also use this Fluff to make a fruit dip, perfect for dunking fresh-picked strawberries or salty pretzels. If you need more inspiration for transforming that jar of sticky goodness into something even better, check out more of our marshmallow fluff recipes.

How Can I Get My Hands on a Jar?

Good question. The clue is on the jar. Despite reading, “The delicious American marshmallow spread,” the Caramel Flavour with a “U” on the top of the label indicates that this product came from across the pond.

And sure enough, it was procured at GB Gifts, a UK-based snack site. It’s being sold for £2.49, which is roughly $3.2—just don’t forget about the international shipping. For true Fluff fans, it might be worth it!

Things to Make with Caramel Marshmallow Fluff
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