People Are Making Savory ‘Charcuterie Chalets’ Instead of Gingerbread Houses This Year

Who needs cookies when you've got meats and cheeses of all kinds?

If you’re into the Christmas festivities, there’s no doubt you’ve also built a few gingerbread houses in your day. It’s the perfect way to engage your family in some winter activities while making something delicious and exercising that creative mind of yours! Also…all the sweets. Duh! Every year, my friends and I bake gingerbread men and decorate them like our favorite fictional characters. It’s a tradition we won’t soon be forgetting…

But what if you’re bored of the standard frosting and gumdrops and want something totally different for 2020? Luckily, we’ve got a recommendation that’s a cut above the rest. A deli cut, to be precise.

This ‘Charcuterie Chalet’ Is a Snacker’s Delight

‘Charcuterie chalets’ are the latest and greatest in Christmastime snacking. While it may seem like something outside of your realm of skills, don’t worry, it’s totally doable at home. If you’re unfamiliar with charcuterie, it’s basically an array of cold cut meats and cheeses. A chalet is a little cottage with a roof overhang. Put them together, and what do you get? The most savory snack this side of Christmas!

This adorable little idea seems to be making its rounds across Instagram. Just look at how beautiful these little chalets are!

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As you can see, this innovative new foundation isn’t built from molasses and sugar. Rather, it’s made from meats and sausage, various types of cheese and various types of crackers (though Ritz crackers are our go-to). The best part is the customization is virtually endless! Are you a big fan of crackers and cheddar cheese? Make a cheese house with a cobble-cracker pathway. Build a fence out of beef sticks. Shingle your chalet with slices of sausage!

Take a Crack(er) at It Yourself

Stretch your creativity to its limit this season, and if you need somewhere to start, Costco has some great cheese flights and boards that could be the beginning of your new holiday tradition. Who says you can’t have a snowfall of Parmesan dusting your salami shingles or a snowman made of mozzarella smiling in the front yard?

Forwarning, though, if you plan on whipping up a charcuterie chalet this year, you’ll want to dig in pretty quickly. Opened packages of deli or sliced meat are only good for about five days, so make sure to get snacking ASAP! When you’re done, just wrap up your chalet and throw it in the fridge for the next night. Who couldn’t use some meat and cheese during those Hallmark holiday movie binges?

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