Chef José Andrés Is Feeding Thousands of Ukrainian Refugees per Day With His Mobile Kitchens

The restauranteur and philanthropist has been on-ground with his team since the conflict broke out.

As the conflict in Ukraine rages on, people around the world have been searching for ways to help the refugees fleeing the war-torn areas of the country. Plenty of people around the world have donated money and resources to help those affected—but one famous name is doing the work on-ground at the Ukraine-Poland border.

Chef José Andrés, best known as the founder of World Central Kitchen, a humanitarian initiative that provides food in disaster zones, has been regularly posting about his efforts from the border. The Spanish American chef and philanthropist and his team fly into affected areas to provide hot food to people in need. They have assisted California fire victims, people affected by Hurricane Florence and more.

What Chef Andrés Is Doing for Ukraine

Chef Andrés and his team have been on-ground at the Polish border since the end of February, when the conflict first began. His non-profit WCK is serving thousands of meals to displaced refugees, and is currently carrying out 24/7 meal distributions at all eight border crossings into Poland. Their offerings include hot soups and stews and apple pie, as well as hot cocoa, tea and coffee.

As some families choose to stay in cities like Lviv rather than leaving Ukraine altogether, WCK is also providing meals within the country. To help the country’s strained food supply, they have also sent trucks of meat, produce and dry goods to restaurant partners in cities like Odessa and Zolochiv to ensure people remaining in the country have access to food. Chef Andrés also recently shared a video of the team distributing food in Bucha, one of the affected cities in Ukraine.

How Can I Help?

You can donate to WCK’s efforts and raise awareness by following Chef Andrés and WCK on Twitter and sharing their posts. You can also follow #ChefsForUkraine.

If you’re looking to help closer to home as well, you can always donate to your local food bank or start a community fridge in your city.

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