This Company is Hiring People to Eat Chicken Nuggets and We’re Ecstatic

If not nuggets, there's also chocolate, cranberries and possibly butter up for grabs

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A popular bargain retailer in the UK, B&M, recently listed a job opening that made fast-food lovers worldwide gasp with disbelief—they were seeking a “Chicken Nugget Connoisseur.” The dream job listing requested “a tasty new individual who’ll be worth their weight … in food.” Have a passion for fast food? Discover 33 things your fast food worker isn’t telling you.

Dream Job Details

The job listing went on to outline the strict experience requirements, among them “getting the 20-share box of nuggets from McDonald’s and keeping them all for yourself,” “being the first in the office kitchen whenever someone says there’s cake” and “going to an event or party because there is free food.”

However, recently the job listing had been removed. One can only imagine that it got so much attention that B&M stores were inundated with qualified applications. Chicken nugget aficionados around the world crossed their fingers in anticipation of a life-changing phone call.

More Delicious Opportunities

For those who missed out on what sounds like one of the most delicious and sodium-filled career paths, rest assured that not all hope is lost. The dream of taste-testing food as a viable profession may still be alive and well. We were able to locate a few other jobs that, at the very least, insinuate job duties include eating.

Taste Tester at the Hershey Company, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

“The individual will apply appropriate focus and concentration on tasting responsibilities.” I stopped reading after “Hershey” and basically just pictured a chocolate river, a la Willy Wonka.

Kitchen Product Specialist at Land O’Lakes, Arden Hills, Minnesota.

“Support product innovation … by providing culinary and consumer perspective to flavor analysis.” I’m pretty sure that means “taste stuff.” Hopefully this involves their yummy cheeses, because analyzing tubs of butter all day might get a bit heavy.

Consumer Taste Tester at McCormick, Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Yes, the spice people. And yes, you could call yourself a Spice Girl on your resume if you land the gig. They’re looking for taste-testers who live near their Maryland headquarters, but it’s not a full-time gig by any means. You can participate in taste-testing up to four times a year.

Quality Technician at Ocean Spray Cranberries, Tomah, Wisconsin.

If you’re passionate about cranberries—and let’s be honest, who isn’t?—then strap on a pair of those high-water boots and jump into the bog. At least, that’s what the commercial makes me believe. The job duties include performing “in-process and finished goods product testing. Pull and test product not fulfilling quality standards.” In other words, don’t let any bad cranberries get through.

Focus Group Participant, nationwide.

Qualified tasters are needed all over the country to test various products, food included, for grocery stores. Simply create a profile and wait to be contacted about a focus group near you. “You will be asked to taste, touch, smell and/or look at products and answer questions about them.” Sign me up.

Let’s not forget that Taste of Home is also a hub of taste testing! Each week, our experienced and enthusiastic staff tastes everything from cookies to boxed wine to cinnamon rolls—not to mention all our recipes. We’re just some of the lucky ones!

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