Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

Just over a year ago, Kristi W. lost a remarkable 70 pounds. “I’ve kept the weight off, thanks to exercise and eating right,” she shares from Raleigh, North Carolina. “But I have a dilemma. My husband is from Texas, and we love Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. It’s fattening, but he says that only bad-for-you foods taste good. Can you prove him wrong?”

No problem, Kristi! Our makeover experts began by replacing half of the cake’s butter with applesauce and swapping the full-fat sour cream with a lighter variety.

To replace any tenderness that may have been lost due to the decrease in fat, 1 cup of cake flour was substituted for all-purpose flour. Sugar substitute was also used to reduce calories.

Even though it has 117 fewer calories and 50% less fat than the original, moist Makeover Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake is a hit. In fact, our tasting panel couldn’t get enough of the scrumptious cake and its rich icing, made lighter with reduced-fat butter.

Hopefully, Kristi’s husband will feel the same.

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