Why Christmas Spider Ornaments Deserve a Place on Your Tree

The ornaments pay homage to the Christmas spider in an Eastern European folktale, a story that's guaranteed to give you all the feels.

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Have you ever seen a spider ornament on a Christmas tree? You might think that a spider decoration would be more appropriate for Halloween, but these spiders have a long history of appearing on Christmas trees.

These spiders have been decorating trees since the late 19th Century and the tradition can be traced back to Eastern Europe—particularly Poland, Russia and Ukraine. There’s a Christmas tale that celebrates kindness, charity and those who work quietly to make the world a better place.

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

The legend of the Christmas spider starts with two mothers: a peasant woman and a mama spider. Both struggle to provide for their young children. On Christmas Eve, the woman went into the forest and came back with a small fir to serve as a Christmas tree. She discovered that a spider had made a home for her babies among the tree’s branches, but the woman didn’t have the heart to sweep them away. The spider discovered that the woman was too poor to decorate the tree, let alone place presents beneath it, and hatched a plan out of gratitude and kindness.

Later that night, when the woman and her children went to bed, the spider spun sparkling webs all throughout the fir tree’s branches. In the morning, the children woke up to the thrilling sight of a Christmas tree draped in the most exquisite, shimmering gossamer!

If you love the story of the Christmas spider and want to share it with your family, Trinka Hakes Noble’s A Christmas Spider’s Miracle is a beautiful book.

Why Hang a Spider Ornament?

The spider Christmas ornaments help remind us of the spider’s act of charity, and how it’s important to be kind to others. The legend has also given spiders a reputation for being lucky, so hanging a spider ornament on your Christmas tree will bring good things to your family!

You can buy a Christmas spider at your local Christkindlmarket or on Amazon.

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