Your First Look at the Poetic Coca-Cola Packaging Changes for Summer 2021

This will make a sip of Coke even sweeter.

Last year, Coke kept things interesting by rolling out its crazy good Vanilla Coke Float and Strawberry Coke flavors.

To start 2021 on the right foot, the brand released its much-anticipated Coke with Coffee. Then, Coke redesigned its bottles to help reduce plastic waste and use recycled materials.

But there’s more! Coke has decided to brighten up summer with a bit of poetry.

Why Is There a Poem on My Coke?

The classic soda company decided to try out something new for summer 2021: poems! We’re used to playing the “spot your name” game when it comes to Coke bottles, so this is bound to be another fun summer scavenger hunt to add to the list.

According to Coca-Cola, “Each bottle features a poem and the words, ‘Open for Summer’ because when you open an ice-cold Coke, you open summertime feels.” I mean, they’re not wrong. Nothing reminds me more of a hot, sunny day than the ripple that runs up my spine when I hear that crisp snap of a newly popped can of Coke.

Each poem is inspired by classic summer themes—backyard BBQs, baseball games and beaches, to name a few. There are 24 in total, with six of them on fridge packs and various bottles. Guess I’ll be shopping for a little bit of everything this summer!

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When Can I Pick Them Up?

As of May 17, the new Coke bottles will be on shelves for everyone to enjoy! Currently, the poems can be found on 20-ounce Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar bottles, as well as the fridge packs and liters. You should see the new bottles at your local grocery and convenience stores.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy a classic Coke this summer!

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