Colorful Pampas Grass Will Transform Your Yard into a Living Rainbow

We're obsessed with the feathery blooms!

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The start of spring means Easter candy, spring cleaning and—finally!—working in the garden. You may already be familiar with pampas grass, which has large fluffy plumes atop tall, long stalks. While the soft, white plumes are most common, you can actually plant a beautiful rainbow of pampas grass in your backyard.

A Splash of Color for Your Yard

The pampas grass plant—also known by its scientific name, Cortaderia selloana—is an excellent ornamental grass to grow in full sun. It grows in large clumps of lush, grass-like foliage, and the feathery blooms open in the summer. What color the blooms are is totally up to you—look for grasses in shades like yellow, pink, silver, peach and cream. With that type of variety, the possibilities for your garden are endless!

And you don’t have to stop enjoying their beauty after the season ends. Another popular way to enjoy pampas grass is to dry several pampas grass stems and incorporate them into floral arrangements for your house that you can enjoy all year long.

Where Can I Buy Pampas Grass?

You can order colorful pampas grass plants from a variety of sellers, like Burpee, High Country Gardens and Gurney’s. You should also check your local garden center or nursery!

As you’re planning the layout for your flower garden, remember that pampas grass grows best when planted in a sunny spot—with at least six hours of sun a day—and in well-drained soil. Pampas grass should also be spaced out about 8 feet apart to accommodate their size when fully grown. These perennials will survive winters in warmer climates (USDA growing zones 7 to 11), but you’ll want to avoid making one of these common perennial garden mistakes.

Essentials for Plant Care

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