We Guarantee: You’ll Be Surprised (and Delighted!) by the Newest Cooking-Show Star

Everyone's favorite snack-loving Sesame Street muppet, Cookie Monster, is traveling the country in a food truck to bring healthy eating advice to kids. And he even has a sidekick.

Cookie Monster enjoying a pint of milk in a pub.Photo: Shutterstock / Mikael Buck/REX
Photo: Shutterstock / Mikael Buck/REX

It seems a certain Sesame Street monster is expanding his tastes beyond all things cookie. That’s because the blue-furred, googly eyed Cookie Monster is taking his gastronomic passions on the road for a new, recurring segment in the latest season of the 48-year-old children’s series.

Sesame Street’s “Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck” is a sort of Jack Kerouac On the Road discovery of America, played out with the adorable and much-loved cookie aficionado traveling the country and learning about different types of foods.

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The premise is simple: Cookie, as he’s known to his friends—which is, oh, just about everyone—and his new monster pal Gonger operate a food truck. In each segment, they get a call from a child with a food order, but before they can complete it, the pair needs to find the recipe’s main ingredient. That means a road trip, searching for the right (food)stuff.

So, they traverse the highways and byways of our nation, looking for adventure…plus the needed ingredient and information on different types of cuisine. They wind up visiting places such as avocado farms and pasta factories, with the intent of learning how food is grown, processed and prepared.

In turn, viewers get a healthy dose of education themselves. It’s all part of a push to teach youngsters about smart food choices and healthy eating practices. What’s more, Cookie will meet up with all sorts of food experts, like author and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.

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According to Sesame Workshop Creative Director Brown Johnson, Cookie Monster is the ideal candidate for such an undertaking, since he is, in Johnson’s words, “the original food fanatic.”

“Who better to teach kids how food gets to their plates, putting a Sesame spin on the food truck culture that’s unfolding in communities across the country?” Johnson told Food and Wine.

Some might think a cookie-craving monster would be the last personality to talk up healthy food choices, but in recent years, Cookie has tempered his cravings with smarter food choices, like snack-ready vegetables. His gobbling of chocolate chip cookies has been replaced and repositioned as a “sometimes snack,” helping youngsters understand the importance of moderation and healthy habits.

Might we suggest that Cookie peruse the annals of Taste of Home‘s website? It’s loaded with smart food choices, like Sunny Strawberry & Cantaloupe Salad and 5-Ingredient healthy dinners.

We can’t help with the driving, though.

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