Costco Is Selling a HUGE 3-Pound Apple Crumb Cheesecake in Time for Fall

Does anything scream "FALL!" louder than a 3-pound apple crumb cheesecake? Costco doesn't think so.

juniors cheesecake costcocourtesy @costco_empties/instagramSummer is winding down, and you know what that means—all the autumnal flavors you can handle! Starbucks has already started making the PSL (not to mention its new fall menu), and Costco isn’t far behind with the return of the prodigal pumpkin pie bigger than your head. But that’s not all Costco has to offer this fall…

Right now, you can pick up a huge apple crumb cheesecake from Costco fit for any fall flavor cravings. Trust us when we say this cheesecake deserves a spot on your dessert menu.

It’s Big Enough to Share!

Since it weighs in at a whopping three pounds on the dot, the whole family can dig into this apple crumb cheesecake. Unlike the pumpkin pie, this one isn’t made in Costco’s bakery. The 3-pound indulgence comes from Junior’s, and it’s New York’s number one cheesecake, meaning you can gorge yourself on the best from NYC no matter where your Costco is located.

We got a sneak peek of this beaut courtesy of @Costco_Empties on Instagram, and we couldn’t help but fall head over heels.

Now if only we could get Costco’s pumpkin cheesecake back in stores…

How to Get Your Hands on All This Goodness

Check your local Costco! You can snag a cheesecake from the refrigerator case for just $15.99 a pop. If your Costco isn’t serving apple crumb cheesecake this fall, you can always order off the Junior’s site, though it’ll cost you more at $43.95 per cheesecake (plus shipping).

Thanks to Costco, now’s the best time to fill up on fall!

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