This Costco Black Friday Hack Means Early Access to Some AMAZING Deals

This viral hack from TikTok shares how you can score on some major Costco deals this Black Friday—but with a catch.

Black Friday is right around the corner, so if you don’t have items circled in catalogs or a list of price comparisons on your refrigerator, start planning now! Don’t forget the list of stores to shop line up, either. If Costco is on that list, keep reading, because we have quite the trick for a successful shopping trip.

Costco items that you can’t get anywhere else, like some of their signature food products, hold a special place in our hearts. But the warehouse club also sells TVs and furniture. This Costco Black Friday hack, which is circulating all over TikTok, might be just what you need to beat the Black Friday lines and score the best deals on hot items.

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What Is the Costco Black Friday Hack?

In her video on TikTok, lawyer @ericakullberg explains how to make purchases ahead of Costco’s Black Friday sale and then get a price adjustment. Here’s how it works:

@erikakullberg Secret hack to get early access to Black Friday deals 🤯 #personalfinance #moneytok #lawyer #money ♬ original sound – Money Lawyer Erika

According to Costco’s Customer Service page, online purchases qualify for a price adjustment if the item purchased goes on sale within 30 days of when it was bought. So, if you buy a TV, for example, and two weeks later you see that it goes on sale, you can request a price adjustment. All you need to do is fill out this form on the Costco website, and the company will approve it and make the adjustment in credit.

This could work wonders for big ticket items or holiday gifts during the Black Friday sale, but don’t click “Add to cart” quite yet.

Here’s the Catch…

There isn’t any detail on Costco’s site that says this price adjustment policy excludes annual sales, like Black Friday. However, most retailers find a way to work around this. For Costco, it means that some items that will be on sale for Black Friday aren’t currently available for purchase online. You can’t really get a price adjustment on something that wasn’t available for purchase prior to Black Friday in the first place, since you’ll need the exact item number to request your price adjustment.

Keep in mind that you also need to be a Costco member to shop at the store. Non-members can shop online, but only by adding a 5% fee to their purchase.

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