We Need Costco Maple and Pecan Lava Cakes for Fall

Move over, chocolate lava cakes—Costco's maple and pecan lava cakes are the seasonal twist we're craving this fall.

As many shoppers know, everything is bigger and better at Costco, including gargantuan treats like mega-packs of Annie’s cinnamon rolls, an enormous carrot cake and three pounds of pound cake in a single container.

The latest attention-grabbing dessert is decidedly more petite, though no less memorable. One of the newest autumnal treats to hit the warehouse club is the Costco maple and pecan lava cakes—which come with their own reusable ceramic pots. Classy and tasty!

What Are the Lava Cakes Like?

These single-serving-sized cakes come in 4-packs with each individual cake tucked into its own ceramic baking dish. Everyone loves a molten chocolate cake, but these cakes are a little different because they’re flavored with cinnamon and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup, then topped with pecans. After baking in the oven or warming in the microwave, you’ll be treated to an oozing molten caramel center (and fall head over heels) at first bite.

The lava cakes are made by a U.K. company called Pots & Co., which means they would likely be called “puddings” across the pond. If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Great British Baking Show, you’ll know what we mean. And if you don’t know your fools from your fairy cakes, we’ve decoded some mystifying British baking phrases for you.

How Can I Get These Lava Cakes?

Instagram account @costcobuys spotted these lava cakes at a Bay Area Costco, so if you live in the region you’re definitely in luck. Everyone else will just have to cross their fingers and hope they make their way to local shelves.

Meanwhile, the same British brand also makes chocolate lava cakes that are sold at Costco and they appear to be on Instacart. If you pay an in-store visit instead, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Kirkland-brand eggnog liqueur—it’s back for the holidays!

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