Costco Now Requires You to Have a Membership to Eat in the Food Court

The non-members are going to miss Costco's $1.50 hot dog deal.

Costco’s food court is a miraculous place. The food is excellent—and the prices are even better. Where else can you get a slice of legendary Costco pizza and a 20-ounce soda for roughly $3?

Unfortunately, the doors to this culinary haven will soon be closing—well, at least to those of us who don’t have a Costco membership.

Wait, Is This Really Happening?

The rumors are true. Costco has apparently had enough of us wandering in off the street and ordering $1.50 hot dogs from its food court. Now, the food court will be available exclusively to people with a membership.

This policy will take effect on March 16, so if you’re a non-member who isn’t willing to spend the cash for a membership, you still have a few precious weeks to enjoy your favorite Costco meal.

Should I Invest in a Membership?

Maybe! Your Costco membership could pay for itself with perks, plus secure your access to the $1.50 hot dogs. If this food-related shift has you considering joining your local Costco, see whether it’s worth the time and investment.

If you’re in this for the food court, check out the $60 Gold Star membership. That includes one household card, and it’s valid at Costco locations worldwide.

You can still go to Costco without a membership, too. You can shop for stuff online (you’ll have to pay a small non-member fee), buy alcohol, use a gift card or pick up a prescription.

Next: See what foods you can only find at regional Costco food courts.

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