This Crazy Cool Kitchen Gadget Does All the Cooking for You–Yes, Even Stirring

Go ahead. Socialize with guests or hang out with your kids. This device takes care of meals for you. For real.

MasterSous gadget sitting on a countertopPhoto: Kickstarter / MasterSous
Photo: Kickstarter / MasterSous

It’s no secret that food brings people together. But if you’re the one preparing meals—especially holiday feasts for large groups—you might find yourself stuck in the kitchen, a mere bystander to the joy and laughter coming from the other room. Luckily, all that could change soon, thanks to an amazing new kitchen gadget. Launched on Kickstarter, then fully funded by private investors, MasterSous is slated to hit the market sometime in 2018. The eight-in-one tabletop cooker will whip up world-class dishes with the push of a button, doing nearly all the work for you: It simmers, it sears and, yes, it even stirs.

One Gadget, Eight Ways to Cook

  • Sear meats to give steaks and burgers a perfectly browned outer layer.
  • Sauté veggies before whipping up a stew and caramelize onions without checking on the pot.
  • Simmer soups and sauces without constantly checking for burns and hot spots.
  • Boil a pot of potatoes or corn on the cob without the guesswork.
  • Steam veggies and retain their vibrant colors and satisfying crispness.
  • Deep-fry chicken wings and shrimp to golden-brown perfection with eight built-in settings for different types of oil.
  • Slow-cook chili or beef stew for hours on end.
  • Sous vide vacuum-sealed salmon fillets and more to whip up unbelievably moist and tender entrees.

No Stirring Required

There are a lot of multitasking cookers out there, but the real genius of the MasterSous is its automatic stirring attachment, says its inventor, Dr. James Collins. While food cooks, the stirrer gently rotates inside the pot, ensuring that everything cooks evenly. That means you can whip up heaping batches of chili and one-dish casseroles without keeping an eye out for burns.

Tells You When It’s Ready

Because you’ll probably be in the other room while the MasterSous works its magic, you’ll need a way to know when the dish is done. Never fear: The gadget is equipped with WiFi, so it can send alerts to your smartphone when it needs your attention.

Easy Cleanup

The stainless steel cooking pot lifts away from the MasterSous, so you can give it a quick scrub with a sponge or toss it in the dishwasher. The stirring attachment also detaches, making it easy to wipe away any sauces and flecks of food.

Next time you’re hosting for the holidays or having friends over to watch the game, consider using the MasterSous. While you socialize and enjoy the party, this nifty gadget will take care of the rest.

Can’t wait to order? Learn more about the MasterSous, here.

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