We Found the Best Crescent Rolls in a Blind Taste Test

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Who doesn't love canned crescent rolls? In this taste test, we tried five popular brands to see which was the best.

At my house, crescent rolls are a staple. I bake them up as-is for a quick dinner roll, use them as a crust on a makeshift potpie or even pop open a tube or two for these appetizer recipes. These rolls are just a great canvas for so many easy dishes.

Like most folks, I rely on the same brand for my favorite shortcut recipes over and over again. That’s right: I always buy Pillsbury crescent rolls. I don’t want to mess up my family’s favorite veggie pizza by buying another brand that might change the flavor. But I also wonder, what if I could make that veggie pizza even better with another brand?

How We Tested for the Best Crescent Rolls

That’s where this taste test comes in. To test if Pillsbury is really the king of crescents, I had our Test Kitchen bake up five popular crescent roll brands to see them side-by-side in a blind taste test.

For this test, we tried Bake House Creations (an Aldi brand), Great Value (a Walmart brand), Kroger, Pillsbury and Trader Joe’s. All were baked according to their package instructions and testers were kept in the dark about the details until after the scores were tallied.

The Winner: Aldi Crescent Rolls

Taste of Home

The winner of the taste test was Bake House Creations crescent rolls—an Aldi-exclusive brand. Aldi scored 8.7 out of 10—a full point higher than its next best competition.

What made these crescent rolls so special? Well, at first blush, these biscuits looked really pretty. They had that picture-perfect crescent look, and they baked up nice and puffy making us all want to dive into the basket to grab one (or two).

And taking those bites was just as satisfying. When we broke into the rolls, we found them to be flaky, moist and fluffy. We got some nice olive oil flavor from the buns (many other crescent rolls tasted of fake butter) and a good, slightly chewy texture. Simply put, they were everything we were looking for in a crescent roll: totally delicious on their own and certainly a worthy base for so many great crescent dough-based recipes.

Editor’s note: I’d like to tell you this was a major shock to us, but Aldi performs pretty darn well in our blind tests. Aldi took a top spot when it came to canned biscuits but also got high praise with cake mix, peanut butter cups and potato chips.

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The Bottom Line

Taste of Home

In this test, we learned that Pillsbury crescent rolls weren’t at the top of our list. Instead, a budget grocer came in and took the top spot. This demonstrates, like so many of our taste tests, that generics and lower-cost options can compete with the best. In this case, Aldi delivered the most satisfying rolly by far—flaky, moist and wonderfully tasty.

Of course, if you’re a Pillsbury devotee, don’t let this test rattle you. Those crescents tasted perfectly fine, but couldn’t beat the flavor of our winning brand.

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