Crispy Crust

Ask the Test Kitchen

How do you make a crispy pizza crust? I make mine from scratch with yeast, and it bakes completely but is not crispy. Is that what the new mesh pizza pans are for? I do use the bottom oven rack. Thanks! —J.H., Fountain, MichiganPizza screens and pizza pans that are perforated with holes do produce a more evenly baked crust by allowing moisture to escape. Using the bottom oven rack may help because the lower part of the oven is generally hotter. You might also want to try one or more of the following suggestions. First, prebake the pizza crust for a few minutes before adding toppings. Vegetables that have a higher water content, such as mushrooms and spinach, may produce a softer crust. Try lightly sauteing them before adding them to your pizza topping. Second, try using fewer toppings, especially sauce. You may be overloading your pizza. Finally, you could sprinkle a thin layer of shredded cheese over the dough before adding the sauce and toppings to create a moisture barrier between them.

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