The Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone Is Back for a Limited Time

It's never a bad time for a DQ cherry rewind.

What time is ice cream time? All the time. It’s hard to say no to ice cream. And with good reason, you know? We tend to keep a lot of sweet, nostalgic memories of childhood classics—and ice cream is definitely up there!

We all know Dairy Queen does soft serve better than anyone, especially when the cones are dipped.

The Dairy Queen Cherry Dipped Cone Is the Perfect Treat for Summer

This cone has been on and off the menu at Dairy Queen over the past couple of years. The flavor has a pretty dedicated fan base, so whenever the cherry dip appeared at a location, let’s just say it took off. The cones are crunchy, sweet and creamy—all in one bite! I bet the bright candy apple red coloring helped too.

But sadly, as many menu items do, the Cherry Dipped Cone disappeared for a while.

Now…it’s back! This isn’t the first DQ Dipped Cone to reappear. In the past few years, we’ve seen the return of the Cotton Candy and Dreamsicle Dipped Cones, as well as the introduction of the Fruity Blast Cone this year. It seems we’ve got a type.

Technically, Dairy Queen’s soft serve isn’t real ice cream—here’s why.

When Can I Get It?

According to a Dairy Queen rep, you can snag your own cone right now at limited DQ locations, but not for long. You can visit your local shop ASAP or give them a call before rushing over.

Some locations have even had the privilege of keeping the Cherry Dipped Cones this whole time! Either way, it’s time to finish off a good day with a little cherry on top, don’t you think?

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