Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day Will Return for Spring 2022

Free Cone Day is back at Dairy Queen, and we can't wait!

Spring is ready to bring us all the things we love about the season: warmer weather, Easter candy and, most importantly, Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen.

That’s right—after canceling Free Cone Day last year, DQ is bringing back the best day of the year. We’re ready to get in line!

Psst: Don’t have a participating DQ nearby? Recreate the experience at home with Dairy Queen copycat recipes.

What Kind of Ice Cream Is Free?

If you’re not familiar with Free Cone Day, your mind is about to be blown. Every customer gets one free vanilla soft-serve cone to help usher in warmer weather.

What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one. The first day of spring has been dubbed Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen since 2014, making this the eighth year of the tradition. This year is extra special, too, after last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19 worries.

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When Is Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen?

Free Cone Day is March 21, 2022. The fast-food chain we all know and love will be handing out free vanilla soft serve! Keep in mind that only participating locations will be handing out those curly-headed cones. If you’re concerned about finding this freebie, it’s worth it to give your local DQ a call. The promotion doesn’t include mall locations, so you’ll have to head to a stand-alone store.

If you miss out on Free Cone Day, don’t sweat it. DQ has offers running throughout the year, and we’re definitely expecting some delicious discounts in the summer. Until then, if you want a dose of good old-fashioned nostalgia, swing by DQ for a Jack and Jill Sundae—we promise it’s worth it.

In the meantime, ask for a celebratory Dairy Queen “cupcake.”

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