Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Dill Pickle Flavor This Summer

Who wouldn't try pickle-flavored Mountain Dew?

We’ve been experiencing a golden age of soda development—from the straightforward Mango Pepsi to the more unusual Coca-Cola Starlight. We’ve tasted smooth and creamy Nitro Pepsi and a brand-new version of Coke Zero.

Of course, with all these drops, Mountain Dew couldn’t be left behind! The brand is back with not just one but six brand-new innovations—but there’s one flavor that caught our eye: Dill Pickle Mountain Dew

Yep, Dill Pickle Mountain Dew Is Real

This year, Mountain Dew announced the opening of the Mountain Dew Outpost—its takeover of the Adventure Center at Doe Mountain in Tennessee. It’s 8600 acres of rugged mountain wilderness, and obviously, Mountain Dew pulled new flavors out of its vault to celebrate.

First up among the new flavors is Dill Pickle Mountain Dew, which was “inspired by a summertime BBQ.” This sour-sweet flavor that is supposed to go great with the flavors of a southern barbecue. This is going to be an interesting addition to our list of pickle-flavored things to eat (and drink).

The rest of the flavors on the roster are more along the lines of what you’d expect: Apple Cinnamon, S’mores, Elderberry, Huckleberry and Summer Popsicle. Perfect for summer!

Where Can I Grab a Bottle?

Mountain Dew OutpostCourtesy Mountain Dew

Dill Pickle Mountain Dew and the rest of the flavors are really limited edition. They’ll only be available at the Mountain Dew Outpost from June 4 through June 12, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. each day. Only 250 people will be able to participate every day. They’re expecting a lot of people to show up for the “Flavor Adventure,” so if you show up even 5 minutes after your timeslot, you’ll miss out!

The brand doesn’t currently have any plans to bring these flavors to stores, but you never know! We’d definitely pick up a case of Dill Pickle Mountain Dew. You can, however, pick up a can of another unexpected flavor combination–Mountain Dew Fruit Quake—AKA, fruit cake flavored Mountain Dew. And for lovers of some classic Mountain Dew flavors, the brand just brought back their Mtn Dew Pitch Black, which was originally released in the early 2000s.

Amrita Thakkar
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