This Dipping Sauce Holder Will Change the Way You Eat Chicken Nuggets for Good

The DipClip, a Kickstarter project, is a cup holder for dipping sauce in your car—perfect for pit stops that involve lots of chicken nuggets and french fries.

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Although a center console can serve as the perfect dining room table during road-trip pit stops, sometimes it doesn’t suffice. The surface may not be as level as you expect, and before you know it your honey mustard dipping sauce is sliding off the console and all over the carpeted floor. You try to wipe it up, but no amount of ice cubes from your drink can fix the mess. If only there was another way! Oh, wait, there actually is, thanks to DipClip.

DipClip is a Kickstarter project by Milkmen Design that the Internet is flipping out over. It’s an in-car holder for dipping sauces, making it easy for you to enjoy your favorite condiments in the car without risking a huge mess. This genius item simply clips onto the air vent of the car and comes with a tiny ramekin. This means no more squeezing out the ketchup for your fries onto a napkin! The project hoped to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter, but the Internet is way too enthused over this clever invention. DipClip has successfully raised more than $48,000 and still has several weeks to go.

Perfectly measured for dipping pleasure

Dipping sauce containers come in all shapes and sizes, and DipClip is ready to meet all of those needs. The divets within the clip can perfectly hold at least five dipping sauce container shapes, which cover a multitude of popular restaurants’ products. DipClip can hold sauce containers for McDonald’s, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, KFC, Dairy Queen, Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Sonic, Popeyes, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and Heinz. Does a dipping sauce not fit (or maybe comes in a tiny packet)? No sweat; just place the ramekin into the clip and squeeze the sauce right in. It’s a road trip miracle! But only when the car is parked. No dunking and driving, people.

Even if you aren’t a fast-food fan, the DipClip is still a car staple to consider. Love dipping carrots in hummus? Sushi in soy sauce? Pretzels in peanut butter? Save yourself from the mess by designating a clean space for those dipping needs, making your in-car picnic experience more enjoyable. And if you’re looking for some healthier snacking options, we have you covered.

DipClip with different sauce containers

Want a DipClip? Just make a donation.

The best part about all of this? You don’t have to wait for this Kickstarter to raise its money and begin manufacturing before getting a DipClip of your own! A donation will suffice. Simply donate $15 and you get two DipClips (perfect for date night, am I right?), $25 for four, or, if you’re shopping for the whole fam, $35 for 6. The Kickstarter campaign ends the morning of Jan. 5, 2018, and estimated delivery of DipClips is listed as March 2018.

It’s the perfect gift idea for any type of holiday. Just remember, dunk responsibly.

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