How to Make a DIY Advent Calendar with a Muffin Tin

Having an Advent calendar makes the countdown to Christmas feel extra special.

There’s something magical about counting down to Christmas by opening the doors of your Advent calendar day by day. (Bonus points if you open the calendar while enjoying a Christmas cookie.)

You can buy all kinds of fun Advent calendars but we love the idea of crafting one at home. This DIY Advent calendar is easy to make with basic crafting supplies, can be filled with candy or the surprise of your choice and is endlessly reusable.

How to Make a DIY Advent Calendar

You’ll need:

  • 24-muffin metal muffin tin
  • Circle punch
  • Scrapbook paper in a few festive patterns
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glitter glue
  • Adhesive scrapbook numbers (you’ll need to make 1-24)
  • Craft glue
  • 24 small magnets
  • 24 buttons
  • Decorative items, like ribbons and stickers
  • 24 small items to conceal, like candy, small toys and trinkets

1. Make the compartment coverings

Cut out 24 circles of scrapbook paper large enough to completely cover the openings in the muffin tin. Cut 24 smaller circles in another paper pattern (we love to use complementary colors and patterns). Using double-sided tape, affix the smaller circle to the center of the larger circles.

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2. Add numbers and decorate

Number each circle using the adhesive numbers, from 1 to 24. If needed, secure the numbers with tacky glue.

Add color, glitter and flair by decorating the coverings with glitter glue, Christmas stickers and any other scrapbook decorating supplies.

3. Make magnetic buttons

Use tacky glue to adhere a magnet to the back of each button. Allow the glue to dry. These buttons will hold the circle papers over the muffin tin openings.

4. Prep the tin for hanging

Drill two small holes in the top of the tin. Thread a decorative ribbon through the holes and tie in place.

5. Fill the compartments and hang

Time for the fun part! Fill each muffin cup with a candy, small toy or other surprise. Cover the cups with the papers and hold in place with magnets. Hang the calendar on the wall by the ribbon. Remove one circle each day to reveal the surprise.

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Next year, the Advent calendar will be all ready to go. Just fill the muffin cups with candy again!

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