Dole Is Making Tropical Lemonade That Tastes Just Like Summer

Is this even better than Dole whip? Maybe!

Is the weather warm enough to lay out by the pool? Nope. But there are still brand-new beverages to get us all into the summer spirit.

Costco rolled out its mango moscato, Aldi brought back its pineapple mimosas and now Dole has revealed the best thing ever—tropical lemonade! We bet it would be amazing in a homemade Dole whip.

Tell Me More…

There are photos on the PepsiCo website, though the company hasn’t shared complete details. For now, the ingredients are left up to the imagination. Clearly, the drink contains real lemon juice and real sugar, but pineapple illustrations also grace the can and we know what fruit Dole is famous for.

Ahh…that’s where the tropics come in!

We know what you’re thinking. This sounds delicious as is—but wouldn’t a spiked version be even better? You only need sparkling wine to turn it into a tropical mimosa or a shot of vodka to make a spiked lemonade. Now we’re sipping!

Have you ever wondered how to make lemonade from scratch? It’s worth the effort if you have time to spare.

Is This Lemonade Available Yet?

There’s no word yet on when Dole Tropical Lemonade will be available, but we do know it will come in 12-ounce cans, 20-ounce bottles and family-size 67-ounce bottles. We recommend keeping your eye on delivery services like Instacart, as well as Target and Walmart. This new drink absolutely screams summer, so it’s hard to imagine Dole keeping it under wraps for long!

P.S. There’s more than one way to bring the tropics to your kitchen.

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