Don’t Like Sports? Here’s Your Guide to the Ultimate Super Bowl Sunday

You don't need to follow every moment of the big game to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. We've got a play-by-play of alternative ideas for celebrating the day your way.

Let’s face it: Some of us just aren’t football fans. Try as we may, the prospect of watching a 180-minute game can seem more like a chore than entertainment. All the same, it’s no fun to sit out the festivities entirely. That’s why we’ve compiled tips for non-fans heading into Super Bowl Sunday. After all, you don’t need to be invested in every pass, fumble or touchdown celebration to enjoy game day as much as a sports nut.

Focus on the Food

As home cooks, we fully endorse any excuse to make something special in the kitchen. Whether you plan on heading to a party or staying cozy at home, use this day as an opportunity to try something new (and maybe a little indulgent). For instance, consider braiding dough into Soft Giant Pretzels and making a five-ingredient Beer Dip to go along with them. Family and friends will salute you. Click here to discover more game day recipes.

Judge the Commercials

According to AdAge, the average cost for 30-second commercial last year was $4.8 million. Big brands pay major bucks to deliver creative, surprising, conversation-starting content. Instead of simply sitting through each commercial, get your crew to rate them as they air. Pass out scorecards and judge by category. Humor? Mark it 10. Creativity? Seven. Warm-and-fuzzies? Eleven!

Compare scores, because debating disagreements is half the fun! And at the end of the night, make a best-of list with categories like Biggest Tear-Jerker or Most Deserving of a Heart-Eyes Emoji.

Tune in to the Puppy Bowl

On the flip side, there’s really no need to watch the football game at all-especially with events like the Puppy Bowl airing that afternoon. This extra-adorable event trades professional athletes for tiny terriers and pint-size pit bulls. Throw a Puppy Bowl party, and please canines and humans alike.

Create Your Own Game with the Kids

Most kids have trouble sitting through the whole game, so why not volunteer to keep them occupied while the hard-core sports fans shout at the TV? Set up a miniature obstacle course in the hallway, unpack a board game, teach them a card game or play hot potato with a foam football. They’ll be entertained-and so will you.

Simply Step Away from the Madness

Because so many people stay glued to their couches for the game, the streets tend to be gloriously empty. Use this as an opportunity to scratch those pesky items off of your to-do list (oil change, anyone?), enjoy a line-free grocery shop, see a movie in a blissfully empty theater or grab a good book and head to a coffee shop. Avoiding long lines and hectic crowds is always a touchdown in our playbook.

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