This Valentine’s Day Card Has a Boozy Surprise Inside

Who wants a drinkable Valentine's Day card this year?

Some people prefer sweet Valentine’s Day’s gifts, like a box of chocolates or the hot cocoa bombs at Costco. But this year, we could all use, well, something fun.

Nipyata, a brand that normally makes booze-filled pinatas for adults, clearly had the same thought. Their latest release is a line of drinkable cards, embossed with a variety of sentimental or funny phrases. Each one features a 50 ml shot inside!

What’s in Each Drinkable Card?

If you want to make your Valentine laugh, smile or cry (with happiness), there’s a card for that! The cards come in shades of pink, red and a few pastel colors. The true romantics can find cards with sentimental phrases like “I Love You” and “I Miss You,” but there are also funnier options, like the one that asks “Will You Be My Valentine?” (and allows you to check off “Let’s Drink About It”).

Each card can be customized to include a shot like Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, Casamigos Reposado tequila, Grey Goose vodka, Johnnie Walker Black or Jack Daniels, and can also include a handwritten note.

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Can I Get a Card Delivered?

Yep, these can be shipped to your honey (or your best friend) on a specific date. Depending on the alcohol you choose, one of these cards will cost you about $19.99-$27.99—which honestly sounds like a pretty good deal for this very unique (and useful) Valentine’s Day present.

And of course, while you can say “I love you” with booze, don’t forget that the way to your true love’s heart is through their stomach.

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